Natales returned to enjoy boxing

CWith the phrase “the combat begins”, Puerto Natales revived on Friday night, after two and a half years of inactivity, a new amateur boxin

CWith the phrase “the combat begins”, Puerto Natales revived on Friday night, after two and a half years of inactivity, a new amateur boxing evening.

In a ring, designed in the best English style, twelve boxers were measured, six of them arrived from Punta Arenas and belong to the Patagonia Evolution Boxing School but who represented Puerto Natales, another four from the town of Quellón and two more from Temuco. .

The event, which was held in the gymnasium of the Monseñor Fagnano Salesian Lyceum and called the “Gabriel Alarcón Barrientos” Boxing Festival, was organized by the sports unit of the Natal municipality, the Natales municipal sports corporation and the municipal cultural corporation. , tourism and heritage, being part of the different activities that are being carried out on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the capital of Ultima Esperanza.

The sports venue was packed with fans who interacted throughout the show with jokes, as well as encouraging the boxers, shouting and even giving instructions to the fighters, some of them testifying that this contact sport is part of the cultural identity of the city.

“I think it was a very wise decision to be able to reactivate this type of show that is popular with the masses and that serves to unite us, have fun and enjoy our birthday,” were the words of Mayor Antonieta Oyarzo Alvarado.


In total, six three-round fights were held, with three minutes of fighting for one rest, starting with a tie in the middle-middleweight category between Diego Cárcamo from Punta Arenas and Jonathan Paredes from Quellón.

For his part, Fabián Cárdenas from Temuco, in the light middleweight category, beat Dilan Cumín from Punta Arenas, while Alexis Velásquez, also from our city, beat Ramón Almonacid from Quellón in the light category.

In the fourth fight of the night, for the lightweight category, Brian Culum (Punta Arenas) beat Felipe Velásquez (Quellón) and in the undercard Rubén Bravo from Punta Arenas defeated Felipe Velásquez by technical knockout two minutes into the second round. (Quellón) in the medium light category.

In the main match, for the middle-middleweight division, the Temuco boxer, Patricio Rivas, beat Brian Conejero from Punta Arenas.


On the occasion, the community authorities present gave a recognition to the daughter of prominent boxer Gabriel Alarcón Barrientos.

Alexis Velásquez, after his victory, pointed out that “it was a good fight. The idea was to let him ‘throw’ the first hands, the first thirty seconds, to gain confidence and then assign him with hands down and cross him up. It was what I did and what we worked on in the gym and it worked, maybe it took a little more aim to try to win the fight by knockout”.

Brian Culum also commented after beating Felipe Velásquez that, “I felt too excited. I was very anxious. I think all my colleagues were the same, there were fights that fell at the last minute. Training after two and a half years changes us all, but now we are coming back with all our might, showing the level we have at Patagonia Evolución. We came with young guys who have a lot of technique, who were born for this”.

At the end of the event, the attending public left in total tranquility after having released enough endorphins to feel very relaxed for some time.