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Nate Daz feels desperate for the contract that Dana White gave him with the UFC

ANate Daz He has only one fight left on his contract with the UFC before you can be free to do what you want.

For some years now, the youngest of the Daz brothers has been forced to live many adventures, which have been forced by his contract.

Basically, if Dana White He doesn’t like you to do another sport while you have a contract with the UFCyou are finished.

Daz has had to turn down lucrative celebrity boxing offers because of this. He wants to be out of the UFCbut Dana White does not allow it.

Not a long time ago, there were rumors of one last fight between Nate Daz and Khamzat Chimaev, but everything fell. For Nate, losing this last fight is not important, what really interests him is to finish the current contract that he has.

In an interview with the journalist from MMA, Ariel HelwaniDíaz confessed that he already begged the president of the UFC your exit.

“No one has offered me anything. I’ve been looking for fights ever since, asking for a lot of fights. I already told (Vincent) Luque, Tony Ferguson, four or five other people. It was never good for them. Finally they offered me the one from Khamzat (Chimaev), and at first I said ‘What the hell?’ but then I thought, ‘Why not?'” Diaz said.

“Let’s do it. I asked for the fight against Khamzat. Afterwards, many excuses appeared. Some wanted in January, others in March and so it happened. I’m trying to get back on the scene, but they keep keeping me on the contract and it just happens to harass me. I want to leave (from the UFC), that is my main objectiveDaz added.

Why does it take Dana White so long to schedule Nate Daz?

To be clear, Nate Daz He is one of the biggest legends in the UFC. her fights against conor mcgregor they were legendary but now he is no longer a guy who goes for Pay Per View.

The last interesting thing he did was that clip towards Len Edwards which made him wobble. Still lost that match.

Daz seems to show no interest in seeing him, he always gets hurt and takes a long time to heal.

Despite this, Dana White knows how important he (Daz) has been to the UFC and it seems that he is looking for an ideal rival to finish his career on top.

It seems that it is not Dana White who doesn’t want Nate Daz to end his current contract, just look for a good rival to retire. That is all.

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