Nathan Lennelucek won the I Navarra Disc Golf Open

The participants in the Igantzi appointment. / BAXI DISC GOLFIt was held in Irrisarri Land and a total of 63 athletes participatedADC Bortziriak

The participants in the Igantzi appointment. / BAXI

It was held in Irrisarri Land and a total of 63 athletes participated

ADC Bortziriak.
Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 00:12

Last weekend the first Disc Golf Open Championship of was held in Irrisarri Land, in Igantzi, valid for the Spanish Cup. Of the five events that this competition has, the first was held in Igantzi, after those held in Oviedo and Santiago. After Irrisarri Land, the Open Navarra, there will be one in Madrid and the last one will be held in Palau (Catalonia).

The Igantzi appointment was organized by Baxi Basajaun DiscGolf Elkartea. IrriSarri Land and EuskadiscGolf, in collaboration with Caja Rural de Navarra, CRK Disc Golf and Zonadiscgolf. 63 athletes from different parts of the state participated.


In the Open-MPO Lanneluc beat, followed by Mans Hulden and Miguel Caparrós. In Amateur MA1 the victory went to Dani Aguilar, followed by Miguel Espiau and Aidan Young. In FA1 women, the winner was Loralie Lanneluc, followed by Marina Román and Carla Martín. In Master MA40, Manuel Angel Almeida won, followed by Veremundo Rey and Sean Young; and finally, in Junior MJ18, Daniel Cipriano won, followed by Iker Soriano.

The organizers want to thank “the effort to go to IrriSarri Land to all the players, who came from Cádiz, Madrid, Oviedo, Santiago, Bilbo, Palau, Sabadell, Donostia and Mimizan (France)”. They also thank IrriSarri Land for providing the field and facilities, collaborating with trophies and prizes, as well as the rest of the collaborators.