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“National is Real Madrid of Colombia”, a benchmark of Colombian football generates a stir

A few days after the first match of the Colombian soccer grand final between Atlético Nacional and Deportes Tolima, countless reactions have been made known, as this duel has become a great attraction for many in recent years.

The green of the mountain comes from leaving great rivals like Junior, Millonarios and Bucaramanga on the road, igniting the illusion of many purslane fans who have not seen their team champion for five years per league.

To talk a little about the current situation of national football, a benchmark such as Carlos ‘La Roca’ Sánchez, decided to take the threads to give his impressions for the final, and incidentally send one or another praise to those led by Hernán Dario ‘El Arriero’ Herrera.

Carlos Sánchez disputing a ball with Gutiérrez. – Photo: DIMAYOR

The experienced midfielder who played the 2014 and 2018 World Cups with the Colombian National Team, highlighted the great hierarchy that the Antioquia team has had in this semester and even compared it to the current European champion, Real Madrid.

“Nacional is like Real Madrid in Colombia. It is a team that, although it is in the process of restructuring, has players with a lot of experience and also young people. He really hasn’t had a superiority in soccer, but he’s National”, assured the current midfielder from Santa Fe.

Sánchez, to give more explanation to his opinion, added: “To compare with Real Madrid, many times they say that they are not going to win, that this and that, but in the end they arrive and achieve their objectives”.

To close, Sánchez was consulted by the favorite to win the mid-year star in 2022. However, the player appealed to his experience and haggled over the question: “I am not going to lean towards one or the other. I think it will be a beautiful final to watch and a wonderful show for the people”.

National, with the sights set on the first leg

From inside the team led by Hernán Darío ‘El Arriero’ Herrera, one of his most experienced men, like Alex Mejía, spoke before the first leg match against the pijaos, which will take place next Wednesday at Atanasio Girardot.

“Deportes Tolima is a team that has been growing with its proposal, which complicates its rivals. His greatest virtue is the transition from defense to attack, ”said the midfielder who returned for this season.

In addition to analyzing his rival, Mejía made a call to the fans who are in a drought, since the last time they were crowned league champions was in 2017.

“I don’t think the fans are thinking that we are going to lose. We beat Santa Fe at Campín. We have played great games that allowed us to win in Sudamericana or Libertadores. The fan must transmit that strength to us, which motivates us”, he affirmed.

Now, making use of his vast experience in several finals, Mejía downplayed the criticism that has been made to the green box for their way of advancing to the final. Specifically, Herrera’s team was pointed out a lot for wasting time at the El Campín stadium in their game with Millonarios, which ended in a draw and with the elimination of the blues.

“We never complain about whether it takes time or not. We are in the final. Everyone complains, one or the other talks, but we are already in the final”, said the midfielder, leaving a short message.

For now, the atmosphere in the green awnings is quite optimistic, ahead of what will be the first duel with Hernán Torres’ team.

It should be remembered that the last time both teams met in a final was in 2018. On that occasion, the pijaos prevailed from twelve steps, after achieving equality in the global over the last minute of the game.

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