National Youth Boxing Championship

The first day of the National Youth Boxing Championship, which was held at the La Magdalena sports center, featured the Atlantic team, whose w

The first day of the , which was held at the La Magdalena center, featured the team, whose winners were three of the four boxers who entered the ring.

In the Light Fly category, Leider Galvis defeated Caldense Jhonatan Fonseca by split decision, while Jazheel Navarro defeated Meta representative, Fre Gonzáles, in the welterweight division, by unanimous decision.

Likewise, Orlando Zambrano won his duel in the media by RSC (retirement) from Magdalene Jorge Pereira. The only Atlantean who could not come out victorious was Juan Camilo Martínez, after falling to Bogota’s Allan Ospino in light bantamweight, by unanimous decision.

Other results:

Light Fly: Alejandro Rossini (Bol) beat Juan Guevara (Cas) by split decision.

Juan Uribe (San) fell to Gerson Angola (Val) by unanimous decision.

Esteban Arcila (Ant) lost to Daniel Valenzuela (Met) by unanimous decision.

Daniel Sarmiento (Cor) lost by retirement to José Quizhpi (Nar)

Light rooster:

Alan Ávila (Mag) defeated Cristián Díaz (Met) by unanimous decision

Dannen Prens (Suc) fell to Michael Bazante (Nar) unanimous decision.

Light Welter:

Danier Valencia (Bog) won by unanimous decision to Johan García (Ant)


Sergio Sánchez (Cas) defeated Samuel Vásquez (Ris)

Olimpo Hernández (Cor) lost to Juan Bandera (Bog) by split decision.


Mateo Marín (Cor) won by retirement of his rival Diego Gómez (Bol)

Samuel Agudelo (Ant) defeated Jhon Pinilla (Met) by retirement


Dulce Mesa (Cor) lost to Yerlin Quiñones (Val) by unanimous decision.

There are still three lawsuits that remained to be carried out this Monday, today’s programming will begin at the La Magdalena sports center from 1:00 pm

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