NBA 2022 free agents: who are the best shooting guards to end their contract?

The NBA Free Agency 2022 promises strong emotions. After the Finals and the Draft, the NBA brings another of its main dishes: the transfer market.

The NBA Free Agency 2022 promises strong emotions. After the Finals and the Draft, the NBA brings another of its main dishes: the transfer market. It is one of the periods of greatest interest around the competition.

The escort market It is one of the most powerful of the summer. Stars, young talent and reinforcements called to be important. Discover in The Sporting News The best guards of the NBA Free Agency 2022.

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The best guards that end contract in the NBA

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1. Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls)

Zach LaVine Chicago Bulls

  • Age: 27
  • Stockings: 24.4 points, 4.5 assists and 4.6 rebounds
  • minutes per game: 34.7

Star entering his best career years. In Chicago he has established himself as one of the best scorers in the NBA. In addition, it offers defensive improvement and stands out more and more as a leader. He needs some more experience and he is at the perfect age.

LaVine has a lot of points, a lot. He has improved in his ability to score on the bounce, being efficient, and in his creation. It would be a real surprise to see him leave the Bullsalthough it will not be due to the absence of candidates.

2. James Harden (Philadelphia 76ers, player option)

james harden

  • Age: 32
  • Stockings: 22 points, 10.3 assists and 7.7 rebounds
  • minutes per game: 37.2

He is among the greatest offensive talents the NBA has ever seen. The question with Harden is how much he has left of that stellar level. The first contact in Philadelphia after the transfer was disappointing. In the Playoffs he was not very aggressive and the drop in production was evident.

Harden turns 33 in the summer of 2022, entering the latter part of his career. The physical state will be key to mark the performance of him in the short term. Everything points to the renewal with the Sixerswho prefer a shorter link and less money.

3. Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards, player option)

Bradley BealWashington Wizards

  • Age: 28
  • Stockings: 23.2 points, 6.6 assists and 4.7 rebounds
  • minutes per game: 36

The whole race with the same team. Beal has 10 seasons in Washington with three All-Star appearances and a silver in the 2021 scoring race. The individual performance is there, but the Wizards have not advanced from the First Round since 2017.

He has a player option and said he has his future “decided”. Everything points to the extension of the contract with the franchise. He has a very good relationship with the leaders. The project takes a different tack with Kristaps Porzingis, but do they have what it takes to compete with the elite of the East? As long as everyone is healthy, of course.

4. Collin Sexton (Cleveland Cavaliers, restricted)

Colin Sexton

  • Age: 23
  • Stockings: 16 points, 2.1 assists and 3.3 rebounds
  • minutes per game: 28.7

Scorer with resources and with the ability to go on a roll, but who needs the ball all the time in his hands to produce. Perhaps Sexton is a better fit as a microwave sixth man, Jordan Clarkson typethan as a starter for a playoff team.

No doubt Sexton would start in quite a few NBA teams, but in Cleveland there’s Darius Garland. In addition, Collin suffered a serious injury and only played 11 games in 2021-2022. It seems the Cavaliers want him to continue. Will he start again with Garland?

5. Malik Monk (Los Angeles Lakers)

malik monk

  • Age: 24
  • Stockings: 13.8 points, 2.9 assists and 3.4 rebounds
  • minutes per game: 28.1

One of the few positive notes in the Lakers’ lousy season. Monk is a fast-matching edger with a variety of resources.. The triple is fundamental in his arsenal and he shoots from the bounce and from the standstill, but he is also a great penetrator. Efficient plugin.

The contract ends and he signed with the Lakers to revalue himself. In fact, his veteran’s minimum was among the top bargains in the league. His future is uncertain. The Angelenos want to renew him, but they can’t offer as much money as other teams.

Honorable mentions

Bruce Brown

  • Bruce Brown (Brooklyn Nets): Versatile and great defender. He is a very important piece next to Kyrie and Durant. No restrictions.
  • Gary Payton II (Golden State Warriors): elite defense and energy torrent. Good movement without the ball and improves from the triple. The Caruso of this market. No restrictions.
  • Bryn Forbes (Denver Nuggets): One of the most reliable shooters in the league for years. Useful for any team, although he is usually limited by his defense in the Playoffs. No restrictions.
  • Lonnie Walker (San Antonio Spurs): Young and capable scorer, but who needs to improve his efficiency. As his volume of triples has increased, his accuracy has decreased. Restricted.
  • Victor Oladipo (Miami Heat): on his return in the Playoffs he was very inefficient. Surely the lack of rhythm influenced. Some team will bet on him. He did a good job defensively. No restrictions.

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