NBA: An absentee quintet to win the NBA

Updated 11/20/2021 - 09:30 Lthe night I returned Lebron James a few of the stars of the NBA. The day had something of a war part. Kevin Durant

11/20/2021 –

Lthe night I returned Lebron James a few of the stars of the NBA. The day had something of a war part. did not play because of a sprained left shoulder. he missed his second game followed by sprains to his left knee and ankle. he sprains his right wrist. , which was dragging a blow to the hip, took the opportunity to rest in Detroit, end of the tour of the Warriors of four games for him East. So did his peers Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Otto Porter.

TO Kyrie irving, still not vaccinated and of course without playing, already Zion Williamson and Kawhi Leonard, which have not yet debuted this season, and we don’t even tell them.

Results of the day

  • Hornets 121-118 Pacers
  • Pistons 102-105 Warriors
  • Celtics 130-108 Lakers
  • Nets 115-113 Magic
  • Bucks 96-89 Thunder
  • Pelicans 94-81 Clippers
  • Nuggets 108-114 Bulls
  • Suns 112-104 Mavericks
  • Kings 89-108 Raptors

The past dawn could be formed a great team of absentees that will win the NBA. Doncic and his 24.9 points average, basic. Escort, Curry, who averages 29.5 and is in its best triplet records. Durant, who wears 28.6 on average, as a forward. Green and his intangibles will be the power-forward. And Jokic, with 26.4 average points, the pvot.

A day without four of the top 10 scorers in the NBA it is less exciting, but luckily none of its ailments seem too serious. That they recover as soon as possible and make them vibrate again with their performances.

Jayson tatum It was unstoppable for Lakers. The eaves of the Celtics wrote down 37 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the triumph of his team by 130-108. It was the best in the great NBA classic, the duel between the two most successful teams in the history of the competition, with 17 titles each. Neither is going through their best moment, but the greens are seeing the light: they have six wins in the last nine games. Those in yellow still have it, even if it has returned Lebron.

Jayson Tatum shines in the classic against the Lakers in front of classic legends

In case the match isn’t special enough already, Tatum found several additions. For example, the Celtics star grew up idolizing Kobe bryant. And in the first there were myths of his franchise such as Bill Russell and Paul Pierce. “It was a surreal moment. Obviously, for Russell and all the impact he had on the Celtics and the NBA. And then for Paul, someone I have a great relationship with. I remember watching him play and now he watches me. It’s crazy. “Tatum said. But to madness, his party.

One more day, in a loss of the Lakers the spotlight was on Russell westbrook. The point guard did not have a good night: 12 points with 5/13 in shooting from the field, four rebounds and six assists. With him on the track, -12 for his team.

Comparisons with the remarkable performance of Dennis Schroder, the player who last year occupied his position in the Los Angeles team, did not accept a succulent renewal offer and ended up with the Celtics. The German point guard finished with 21 points with 8/14 shooting, six rebounds and six assists. While on the court, +12. Even a Boston television network allowed itself to be ironic about the two players.

In the 363 games I played Jonas Valanciunas In his first five NBA seasons, he hit just four 3s and made one of them. Now in his tenth year in the League, he is the best tripler of the competition with a 55.2% success after scoring 16 of the 29 he has thrown. Among other things, this is why he does not allow minutes to Willy Hernangmez.

The case of the 29-year-old 2.11 meter Lithuanian pvot is an example of the reconversion that the tall man is undergoing in modern basketball. It is of little use that they are moles or that they play with their backs to the basket if they cannot open the field with outside pitches. Valanciunas I scored five triples in victory over the Clippers (94-81). They are his personal best and were the culmination of a great performance: 26 points and 13 rebounds.

At the time of the ‘Big Three’ and the ‘Big Four’, the Bulls it is worth them with a ‘Big Two’. Is formed DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine. No NBA team has two scorers as high as those of Chicago. The first averages 26.6 points and is fifth in the statistics. The second stays at 26.2 and is seventh.

In triumph over the Nuggets by 108-114, between the two they drove their rival’s defense crazy, unable to contain them. Accumulated 62 points: 36 for LaVine and 26 for DeRozan. A couple that excites the Bulls.