NBA: Anfernee Simons, the besucn king of mate, signs his best game … to honor his grandfather who died 24 hours before

Bring young did everything in his power to try to change the dynamics of the Atlanta Hawks in his visit to the Portland Trail Blazers. And he was

Bring young did everything in his power to try to change the dynamics of the Atlanta Hawks in his visit to the . And he was about to achieve it thanks to his 56 points and 14 assists. But he didn’t count on the explosion of an unexpected actor in the Oregon franchise.

Without Damian Lillard in battle, Anfernee Simons assumed the leading stripes on the Chauncey Billups team. And he did so by demonstrating an unbecoming fortitude of a 22-year-old who just hours before had suffered one of the greatest blows of his life. The Blazers player is dressed in short, less than 24 hours after your grandfather passed away from cancer.

Simons turned pain into motivation and signed the best game of his NBA career after scoring 43 points with 13 of 21 shooting from the field, nine of them from the triple, seven rebounds and three assists to deliver a crucial victory for a needy Trail Blazers.

“I can’t really take credit for how I played tonight. Sadly, my grandfather died of cancer last night. This has been him, honestly. He wanted me to play today and I give him all the credit and I dedicate this game to him, “said Simons after the crash, unable to contain his emotion when he remembered such an important figure for him.


Anfernee Simons has been in the NBA for four seasons in which he has shown his quality with little brushstrokes. However, in March 2021 his name was the protagonist in the All Star headlines when he lifted the trophy as champion of the last dunk contest.

Simmons was the most regular of the three contestants and perhaps the most original. She began her contest with a vertical jump demonstration by Anfernee Simmons. The Blazers player placed the ball on the top line of the small box on the rim and picked it up as high as possible to smash. In the second he opted for a retro touch and donned a Raptors jersey and McGrady’s name, his idol, to make a 360 that earned him 49 points. Already in the final he won the trophy after trying to kiss the hoop in a show of power and jumping.