NBA: ‘Anteto’ and Tatum put the East ‘at 40’

ANDin the last season of NBA there was a duel to remember in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks gave away a battl

ANDin the last season of NBA there was a duel to remember in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. and gave away a battle that the ‘proud greens’ chose. From the other ‘trench’ reasons were put forward such as Middleton’s loss and revenge was promised. For now, the new course presents the two, again, in the ‘top tier’ of the East.

More when the Sixers have started with a great Harden, but if they exploit everything else. defeats and criticism of a Doc Rivers that the NBA and the management passed over a long time ago. Not knowing how to vary defenses is a drama, and compared to what he proclaims from the Bucks and Celtics, it seems very short. As much as Embiid also joined the 40-point night, Philadelphia fell 105-114 to the Spurs. More exciting are the Cavs, who still have a great Donovan Mitchell (32 and victory over the Bulls 128-96).

Tatum recital to knock down the Hornets

Because the Celtics, meanwhile, have won all three of their games this year. It was not the most brilliant game (126-120), because the Magic also came in a ‘back-to-back’ mode and it is too early to ask for exhibitions. Jayson Tatum was enough, with 40 points, seven rebounds, two blocks and four triples in the game. He is the first player in franchise history to exceed 100 points in three regular season games. Almost nothing.

Garuba can’t with Antetokounmpo

If Tatum was impressive, deserves a similar description. He had the initial defense of Usman Garuba, who got his third start in the NBA and finished with six points, eight rebounds, four steals and two assists. Good numbers, but far from the monstrosity of Giannis.

This was Antetokounmpo’s exhibition against the Bulls

The Greek only played 28 minutes and it was enough for him to score 44 points, 12 rebounds and three assists. With the usual formula, especially with the defense-attack transition impossible to imitate. The Bucks crushed (105-125) the weak Rockets, and the partial of 2-16 with which they appeared made it clear that the dimensions were different. And although they got in again, the triples by Brook López and Jrue Holiday at the end of the first quarter opened an income that was enough (23-41). Quite a presentation in society.