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NBA: Balkan NBA players show their support for Djokovic



The case It has shaken world sport and has had repercussions far beyond . It has also reached the NBA, where some of the many balkan players that militate in the American League have shown their support for the tennis player, deported after Australia denied the visa and could not participate in the Open not being vaccinated against the .

One of the most critical players in the Australian government’s decision was Nikola Vucevic, Montenegrin pvot for the Bulls, who publicly supported Djokovic through social networks. “What happened to Djokovic is that hePoliticians use their power to show off and get more followers. It has nothing to do with covid or visa issues, they used it to try to look better. Very sad how they treated a great champion!“, he wrote. In addition, Vucevic believes that “the saddest thing about this whole Djokovic thing was that only two of his colleagues were by his side. Everyone else was scared… Amazing”.

Those messages were retweeted by other Balkan players, such as the Serbian Bogdan Bogdanović. your countryman Boban Marjanovic, partner of Luka Doncić in the Mavericks, also showed his support for Djokovic through an Instagram post that featured the slogan #standwithnovak (I am with Novak) and an image of the tennis player next to him after a match of the Red Star.

Nikola Mirotic He also sided with the Serbian tennis player when his case had not yet been resolved. “I want you to be persistent in everything you do and in everything you are”, the Barça player told him in a publication in which he took the opportunity to congratulate Djokovic on the Orthodox New Year.


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