NBA: Check the anti-vaccines: the Warriors and the Nets will not be able to play without the complete guideline

Updated 09/23/2021 - 12:25 ANDThe players' union and the NBA recently reached an agreement that it would not be mandatory for stars to be vaccina

09/23/2021 –

ANDThe players’ union and the NBA recently reached an agreement that it would not be mandatory for stars to be vaccinated in order to play. However, that runs diametrically against the laws of some states and their sanitary protocols. Some franchises will be forced to vaccinate all their players if they want to have them. If not, it will be impossible for them to access the pavilion.

The cities of San Francisco and New York, among others, issued a mandate requiring the complete vaccination schedule to enter large events that are held indoors unless they have a medical or religious exemption. So Warriors, Nets and Knicks players will have to be vaccinated … and not all of them want to.

The most prominent anti-vaccine in the NBA is Warriors player Andrew Wiggins. “Whoever wants to get vaccinated, get vaccinated; and whoever doesn’t want to, don’t get vaccinated. I make my own decisions. Right now I have decided not to get vaccinated and I don’t see myself doing it unless I am forced in some way,” he said. a few months ago the 26-year-old Canadian forward. If you want to play at home you will have to do so or get one of the waivers. If not, he will lose $ 360,000 in salary for each game he is absent from.

The Nets also have the same problem, although the names of the players reluctant to get vaccinated have not transpired. “I can’t say who could play today, but there will be a couple of people missing,” said general manager Sean Marks, who is optimistic about having the entire squad early in the preseason: “We all understand what is at stake. They are decisions. individuals that are beyond our control. We support vaccination and the creation of a healthy team. “

Players are the only union that the NBA does not require to be vaccinated. It must be done by coaches, referees and all franchise employees. However, the League can do little in the face of state health mandates and protocols.