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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t like Kevin Durant’s trade request: “We don’t like seeing players request trades”

is under contract for four more years with the , and his trade request has been one of the biggest stories of the offseason.

It hasn’t been a headline commissioner Adam Silver has particularly enjoyed.

“This must be a two-way street,” Silver said. “Teams provide tremendous security and guarantees to players, and the expectation in return is that they will honor their end of the bargain. There are always conversations going on behind closed doors between players and managers and teams, but we don’t like to see players request trades and we don’t like to see things as they are.” he added.

Durant has four years and nearly $200 million left on his contract with Brooklyn. Phoenix and Miami have been reported as possible destinations.

Durant spent three seasons with Brooklyn, sitting out the first of those years as he recovered from a torn Achilles tendon. He averaged 29.9 points in 55 games last season. In April, the Nets were swept by the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.

Silver made the remarks after the league completed the transitional foul rule change process to end years of discussion over the malicious tactic.

Also, as expected, the postseason mini-tournament (play-in) will continue in the future.

The NBA’s governing board wrapped up discussions about those two seasons on Tuesday. He approved a plan to award a free throw to disadvantaged teams on the foul in transition — as well as remove the “experimental” designation from the mini-tournament.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver. (The Associated Press)

It was no surprise that the league changed the penalty for fouls in transition; Silver told The Associated Press in early June that he would change, although he warned that the new rule could be changed in the future.

The new penalty for the foul in transition will be a free throw, which may be attempted by any player on the aggravated team at the time of the game in which the foul was committed and they will retain possession.


The postseason mini-tournament has been widely considered a success, so it’s no surprise the league will keep it.

In its current format, the mini-tournament, it has been used for the last two seasons. The teams that finish in seventh through 10th place in the Eastern and Western Conferences meet to determine the last two playoff berths in each conference.

The seventh and eighth teams meet, the winner secures seventh place in the postseason. The ninth plays against the tenth and the loser is eliminated, while the winner will face the loser of the match between the 7th and 8th. The winner of this last duel stays with the eighth place.

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