NBA: Curry and his 3-point record: “Pass when you have to pass”

Con all, absolutely all the spotlights put on Philadelphia and in the Warriors game, Stephen Curry He was facing what could be the final chapter of

Con all, absolutely all the spotlights put on Philadelphia and in the Warriors game, Stephen Curry He was facing what could be the final chapter of his assault on the triple throne in the NBA. In the end, including a loss, 102-93, the great Golden State player discounted only three baskets out of three of the 10 that separated him from glory. It’s still a matter of time, as it has been for weeks, but the player insists that being close to the feat hasn’t changed the way he plays.

Stephen Curry scored 3 of 14 shots from the arc against the Sixers in a clash in which the defense of Matisse Thybulle life made it very difficult for him: “Nobody wants that record to be broken at home“Curry recalled after the game.” If you analyze my last games, you will see that I have not changed anything, that the plan was this, regardless of being close to the record or not. Pass when I have toBut no one is going to put a red carpet for me to do it. “

Stephen Curry is now seven 3-pointers away from what will undoubtedly be the landmark moment of the season. You can arrive at the San Francisco team’s next appointment in Indiana in the early hours of Tuesday through Wednesday. For Draymond green, Everything that is being said about the record has not affected the team: “We all want him to achieve it and live that moment, but if you ask me if it is something negative for the team environment, the answer is a resounding no.”

While, Curry It is close to an achievement of those that will last for many years in the NBA, if anyone ever succeeds in beating it. As he discovers triples, Don Steph buries the debate about whether or not he is the best pure shooter ever. He has seven steps left to reach the throne he deserves. And as he says, pass when it has to.

Results of the day

  • Wizards 98-Jazz 123
  • Cavs 117-103 Kings
  • Grizzlies 113-106
  • Heat 118-92 Bulls
  • Sixers 102-93 Warriors
  • Spurs 112-127 Nuggers

Another game and another display of Nikola Jokic That this time it served to win their Nuggets, 112-127, to the Spurs. It is true that the Serbian was only two assists away from a new triple-double, but he signed huge numbers, almost from the past with his 35 points and 17 rebounds.

Although he starts with a disadvantage in the fight for the MVP, the title he currently holds, ‘The Joker’ has suddenly become the great favorite to repeat, at least for the level he is showing in these weeks.

Candidate teams for the title would do well to take the Utah Jazz really. In Washington they achieved the seventh consecutive victory, 98-123, and they already have a winning streak that has to start worrying their rivals. And not only that. The team of Salt lake city Every night they display a number of hard-working teams, of possessing a huge defensive arsenal showing at the same time the defensive solidity that has characterized them in recent seasons.

The Jazz, the eternal candidates, usually star in good regular seasons to end up crashing in the Playoffs. What his rivals must begin to consider is what happens when it occurs to them to extend their level of play to the postseason. They would do well in the NBA to take the Jazz very seriously.

In the night that Zach Randolph became the first player of the Grizzlies to see their number (50) retired, the Grizzlies They completed their party by defeating one of the fashionable teams in the NBA in recent days. Houston, the worst team in the start and whose last weeks on the back of a sports miracle have been, suffered against the Grizzlies his second loss in a row.

Memphis won, 113-106, because it returned triumphantly Ja morant, for the 25 points of Dillon brooks and from fatigue, “a deciding factor today,” according to Texas coach Stephen Silas. Enduring a winning streak as long as the one they had takes extra wear and tear. The Rockets, in part, freed themselves against Milwaukee of the burden of winning night after night but now they will have to pay the bill, as happened in Memphis.

The best play of the night goes to the fittest player in the NBA. What of Jokic It is not normal and in each game he amazes with something new that reveals a multidimensional player who controls almost all facets of the game. The move he makes here to attract rivals, up to three trying to close him off, is only surpassed by the way in which he ultimately finds Gordon for the triple. The play, in slow motion, is even more spectacular.