NBA: Does Damian Lillard deserve to be among the 75 greatest players in NBA history?

LThe NBA published last week the list, which did not rank, with the best 75, which was 76, best players in all their history. A list of names that

LThe NBA published last week the list, which did not rank, with the best 75, which was 76, best players in all their history. A list of names that was always going to generate controversy for including some and leaving others out. And one of the names that has generated the most noise on the official NBA list has been that of .

Critics criticize the fact that he is the base of the and argue that he lacks achievements in his record to compete with other names such as Tony Parker, Pau Gasol or Tracy McGrady. In his service record a Rookie of the Year, six All Star appearances and the feeling of being one of the players that is changing basketball since the triple. Against him, the absence of rings, MVP’s or some statistical title.

And now his game may also be against him at a start to the season in which he is not responding to the expectations created by a player that everything happens for in Portland. Lillard has started the course with the misaligned sights, something that the Blazers have paid for it with two losses in three games and leaving bad feelings like those seen in the game against the Clippers.

The point guard has barely scored two triples of 24 attempts (8.3% correct) and with 34% in field goals. Very low percentages that serve as an argument for those who shook their heads when they read his name among the 76 best in NBA history.


  • Hornets 129-140 Celtics
  • Pacers 109-119 Bucks
  • Hawks 122-104 Pistons
  • Nets 104-90 Wizards
  • Heat 107-90 Magic
  • Raptors 108-111 Bulls
  • Nuggets 87-99 Cavaliers
  • Clippers 116-86 Trail Blazers

The noise generated by Irving or Simmons has made teams like the Bulls or the Heat are going unnoticed in the Eastern Conference this season opener. However, Florida seem determined to agree with the GM of the NBA, when they said it was the team that had moved better in the market. Those of Spoelstra show that they do not need much coupling or new systems to make the machinery work at the pace that marks a stellar Jimmy Butler, who once again showed his best face to the Magic with 36 points with 15 of 21 shooting from the field.

James harden usually need two preseason: one like that of his companions and another of his, in particular, to find the rhythm. That makes him late for the NBA course and in his first full season with the Nets it is happening again. Without Kyrie Irving, more was expected from ‘The Beard’, however the escort is still out of shape and without aimone of eight since 3 against the Washington Wizards) forcing Kevin Durant to multiply in scoring production to keep Brooklyn one of the big favorites in the ring.

The Los Angeles Clippers have started the season without Kawhi Leonard or Serge Ibaka, which has forced Paul George to take full responsibility on both sides of the court in Tyronn Lue’s team. The forward was the leader of the landslide first victory of the Angelenos against the Trail Blazers with 16 points and eight steals, the best record of his career, in just 19 minutes of play. Tremendous.