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NBA: Does LeBron’s dirtiest play tarnish his career?

ANDl infamous nudge that A tip to Isaiah Stewart could have sparked an altercation of awkward proportions. It’s certainly already one of the biggest affronts to fair play in recent years, but the Pistons player’s reaction could have sparked a brutal fight if he had reached his destination. Stewart went in seconds from idolizing James to being the first to try to knock him down on the court in a slum fight.

For many moments, the demons of the famous Malice at the Palace They flew over Detroit. Seventeen years after the worst fight in the NBA, history threatened to repeat itself. And it will leave sequels.

For now, there will be sanction and lasts for Lebron for that infamous and unnecessary nudge. Missing many games and coming from missing eight due to injury, and we already know the problems of the Lakers without their star.

LeBron James will not be the only sanctioned

There will also be sanction for Stewart who, curiously, was about to miss the crash due to ankle problems. His reaction will also cost him ‘the refrigerator’ by the NBA, which tends to punish very harshly both the action of the coup and the reaction of seeking revenge immediately afterwards. The One with the Pistons has already received criticism for his attempted assault on Lebron after the action. In the end he even goes over his trainer for one last attempt to catch up with his attacker.

When Lebron He retires, he will be remembered for his records, his titles and he will have to be placed, he already is, next to the greatest but … this nudge in Detroit always accompany you. All great races have their blemishes, too, although provoking one of the biggest fights in years is now the penance LeBron is going to have to deal with.

The Lakers man has been very worried about injuries for a couple of seasons. His body begins to signal that the Father Time does not even forgive him. What he lacked is to be several games without playing ruminating his expulsion and his sanction on the dirtiest play of his career in a year in which everything is going wrong in the Lakers.

The Warriors didn’t need the best Stephen Curry to beat the Raptors. The star returned to play and stayed at 12 points on a fateful day in shooting, 2 out of 10. But he was Jordan poole He reached a milestone where his teams didn’t even catch up with ‘Steph’.

With his 33 points, Poole became the second player to achieve that figure with just 13 shots or less (10 of 13). The other one who did it was Kevin Durant. Elected in the Draft in the 28th position of 2019, Poole signed before Raptors 8 out of 11 on triples, his personal best. They already rub their hands on Golden state thinking of the couple he can form with Curry.

The Bulls are still flying in a jet plane and DeMar DeRozan is the pilot. The player of ChicagoOne of the reasons, although not the only one, why the fans of the ‘Windy City’ dream again, he returned to sign a match of 30 or more points, the sixth in a row.

But he also ended up with an old record of Michael Jordan from his rookie stage. DeRozan became the player with the most points in his first 16 games with the Bulls, 425, surpassing the 424 of ‘Air’. 5E%7Ctwutch-utch2F%7Ctwutch2F%5Ctwrcpointsnews demar-derozan-shatters-michael-jordans-chicago-franchise-record% 2F

It is not, of course, about comparing careers, but the figure makes it very clear the impact it is having DeRozan on the Bulls and the fact that so far they are one of the fittest teams in the championship.

The Suns They are, at this point, an unbeatable team. They have 12 consecutive wins and finish their rivals like a roller. Before the Nuggets A fourth, the first, was enough for them to kick the Colorado team out of the game.

The Suns won the first quarter 48-28! scoring 17 of 22 shots between triples, dunks, plays in transition or positional.

Cam Johnson finished with his personal top, 22 points and although he said he was surprised by the performance of his team, he also added that he still sees room for improvement for these Suns unstoppable.


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