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NBA: Doncic, with a microphone at the All Star: “I don’t know why they put it on me, if I don’t speak”

Tscratch now that Luka Doncić I played with a microphone in the Cleveland All-Star game. It is clear that, for this experiment, the Slovenian is ideal because he is one of the most vocal players in the league. He even more than he often wanted himself.

In fact, he even joked about it. At one point I commented to Draymond Green that “I don’t know why they put micro on me, otherwise I don’t speak at all“. There was laughter, of course. Precisely the Warriors player, absent from the game, although not at the party, was the subject of Luka’s jokes: “Are those boots for going to the snow?“. Green replies: “They are for the mountain.”

The Mavs player admired DeMar DeRozan’s mid-range shooting ability, celebrated his team winning a quarter of the game, went straight to the mic, “I’m a corner shooter,” and joked with one. of the referees: “If I make six fouls, am I out of the game?“. The referees’ response: “Are you not going to be even close to six fouls?” More laughter.

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