NBA: Earthquake in the NBA: Kevin Durant asks for the transfer to the Nets

POr if anyone thought it was a bluff when the possibility came up a week ago... well no. Officially, Kevin Durant has requested the transfer to th

POr if anyone thought it was a bluff when the possibility came up a week ago… well no. Officially, has requested the transfer to the Nets. The star has requested it directly from the owner of the New York franchise Joe Tsai and the general manager, Sean Markhas already set to work to find the best way out, as Adrian Wojnarovski has advanced.

Kevin Durant had threatened to ask for the transfer if they did not renew Kyrie Irving. Last Monday, the base decided to execute his player option and since then Kyrie and Kevin Durant have not had contact.

The transfer of during it is a mammoth movement and will be very complicated to execute. In principle, phoenix and miami were on Durant’s wish list, though the Nets They will comb the market to try to get the best in exchange for their franchise player. The player still has four years left on his contract and is still one of the top players in the league, so they won’t be missing possible destinationsteams that will want to get rid of assets in order to have Durntula.

What is clear is that the request for during he can dramatically change the landscape of the current NBA depending on which team he lands on. Being one of the crucial moments of the season.