NBA Finals 2022: The historical data that ensures that the Celtics will win the ring

Lyou boston celtics advanced in the final series for the NBA title after winning the third game at TD Garden at Golden State Warriors, 116-100. An

Lyou advanced in the final series for the NBA title after winning the third game at TD Garden at , 116-100. And they did it following the script of these Playoffs, dominating a large part of the game and failing in the third quarter, the damned one for the greens, which is already a dangerous trend. They lost that period, 25-33, but they knew how to react in the fourth.

That victory came after losing in San Francisco in the second, and that is a fact that puts them at the gates of the title, as history says. The Celtics are currently showing a favorable run of 7-0 in games after losing in these Playoffs, which means equaling a record in the NBA. And the good thing for them is that it is something that only champion teams have achieved.

The list of teams with that 7-0 is composed, in addition to the current Celtics, by the Miami Heat from 2012-13, for Los Angeles Lakers from 2008-09, the chicago bulls from 1992-93 and the Washington Wizards, then Bullets, from 1977-78. All of them, like the Celtics, lost seven games in the Playoffs and in the next match after a loss, they won and ended up crowned champions. Even with their previous record of 6-0, the current Celtics they had matched the 1973-74 Boston team that also went on to win the ring.

In this way, the 2-1 of the Celtics secure his first championship since 2008 if they maintain the trend and alternate defeats with victories. The fourth game will be in Boston, the fifth in San Francisco, and there could already be a champion.

However, the Warriors they could also hold on to this historical datum. They have six defeats in these Playoffs and also responded with victories. To do this, they need to win the room in the Garden because otherwise, the NBA this season will start to be clearly dyed green.