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NBA Finals 2022: The Warriors of the worst Curry beat the Celtics and touch the ring of champions thanks to the advent of their ‘Mesas’

Lyou they won 104-94 at in the fifth game of the NBA Finals that they dominate 3-2.

With this result those from San Francisco, who maintain the field advantage, They are one win away from proclaiming themselves new NBA champions.

Game 6 of the NBA Finalsin which the celtics could be proclaimed championswill be played the night from Thursday to Friday at 03:00 in the morning.

0 of 9 in triples by Stephen Curry: breaks a historic streak of 132 games

Golden State showed its great potential despite the worst night of , who closed the night with 14 points and a poor 0 of 9 in triples.

With his null success in the triples, Curry broke a historic streak of 132 Playoff games scoring at least one triple.

‘El Mesas’ Wiggins taught the Warriors the road to victory

The great protagonist of the Warriors’ victory was Andrew Wiggins, who imposed his physique and his quality to sign 26 points (0 of 6 in triples) and 13 rebounds.

The great game of ‘El Mesas’ Wiggins was very well supported by the striker of Klay Thompson (21 points with 5 triples) and the good game of the substitutes Gary Payton II (15 points) and Jordan Poole (14 points).

The Celtics put the Warriors on the ropes in the third quarter

In a spectacular third quarter, the Celtics appealed to their famous pride to put Golden State on the ropes with a 19-4 run and 5 of 5 triples, but Steve Kerr’s men managed to overcome the loss of a 12-point lead and they withstood the pull of the Bostonians.

The success of Klay Thompson and a three-pointer from home by Jordan Poole allowed the Warriors to finish their disastrous third quarter up on the scoreboard (75-74).

Wiggins’ energy launches the Warriors to victory in the fourth quarter

In the fourth quarter, after overcoming their crisis of play, the Warriors turned to the energy of Wiggins and his defense (which caused many losses in Boston) to win the fifth game of the series.

Jayson Tatum (27 points and 10 rebounds), Al Horford (9 points and 9 rebounds), Robert Williams (10 points and 8 rebounds), Marcus Smart (20 points) and Jaylen Brown (18 points on 5-of-18 shooting from the field and 10 rebounds) were the best of a Celtics with a very short turnover and very little input from their bench.

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