NBA: First to feel the itch after Curry’s record

ANDn the day 1 d. C. (after Curry's record), Anthony Edwards was the first to feel the usual itch at the base of the Warriors. The player of the

ANDn the day 1 d. C. (after Curry’s record), Anthony Edwards was the first to feel the usual itch at the base of the Warriors. The player of the Wolves He scored 10 triples and is, at 20 years and 132 days, the youngest in history to achieve it. The brand is his personal record and that of the franchise of Minnesota. He did it in just 14 attempts and finished with 38 points that helped the win over the Nuggets by 107-124. They had 12 consecutive defeats against those of Denver.

Curry’s record looks unattainable now and more so when he retired. At 33, he still has a lot of 3s to score. But in the utopian case someone got close to his amazing brand, Edwards is already in the pools. Against the Nuggets he reached 100 games in the NBA and has 258 triples. In those same games, the Warriors’ genius had 200, although his production multiplied with the passing of the seasons and with a success that would be difficult for anyone to match.

Edwards led the great toe drill for the Wolves, who scored 23 of the 48 3-pointers they tried. There were 16 of them in the first half, the most of any NBA team this season. Karl-Anthony Towns, who scored three, finished with 32 points that helped him to reach 10,000. He is the second player to reach that number in Minnesota franchise history. The only one so far was Kevin Garnett.

Markers of the day

  • Cavaliers 124-89 Rockets
  • Magic 99-111 Hawks
  • Sixers 96-101 Heat
  • Mavericks 104-107 Lakers Overtime
  • Bucks 114-99 Pacers
  • Thunder 110-113 Pelicans
  • Spurs 115-131 Hornets
  • Nuggets 107-124 Timberwolves
  • Jazz 124-103 Clippers
  • Blazers 103-113 Grizzlies
  • Kings 119-105 Wizards

Between Edwards and Towns they embittered the triple-double of Nikola Jokic: 27 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. The Serbian pvot is at the level that the MVP gave it last year, although Kevin Durant and Curry grab all the headlines. It is his sixth triple-double this season and number 63 in his career. It is already seventh after leaving behind James harden. The next target, somewhat far off, with 78 is Wilt chamberlain.

Are you enjoying the Jazz, who already have eight consecutive victories after defeating the Clippers and they stay behind Warriors and the Suns in the West with a balance of 20-7. In that streak, six wins have been by more than 20 points and on average they have won all those games by 19. A roller that in the last round was led by Donovan Mitchell, who scored 27 points. Count on the invaluable help of Rudy gobert (20 and 17 rebounds), Bojan bognadovic (20) and Jordan clarkson (twenty-one). The Angelenos, beset by casualties, had no Paul George, Kawhi Leonard nor the spanish Serge Ibaka.

Gordon hayward scored 41 points in just 29 minutes to lead the victory of the Hornets in San antonio. Those of Charlotte, the second highest-scoring team in the NBA, had a feast and no one ate more than the forward, who finished 15/19 in shooting from the field, including 5/6 in triples. “When he is aggressive, when he plays with that fearless spirit, he is a different player. I am very proud and very happy for him. He has been waiting for a match to explode like this,” his coach congratulated him. James borrego.

The season of Blazers it’s being terrible. With the defeat before the Grizzlies They now have seven in a row, have lost 10 of the last 11 games and are 11-18. Damian LillardIn the worst season since being in the NBA, he had 21 points, but with 6/21 in shooting from the field. The best of the Grizzlies, where Spanish did not play Santi Aldama, They were Dillon brooks (22) and Desmond bane (23). Those of Memphis, quite the opposite of their rival, they are launched: nine victories in 10 games despite not having their star Ja morant.