NBA: Game 3, a nightmare for Boston and a fantasy for Golden State | Basketball 123

Iván Holguín López / @ivan_basketball The NBA is preparing for the third match of the final between Boston Celtics and Golden State Wa

Iván Holguín López / @ivan_basketball

The is preparing for the third match of the final between and , which comes 1-1, after the victory in the last duel by San Francisco. Now Game 3 takes center stage in the series, something that is a nightmare for the Celtics and a fantasy for the Warriors.

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Throughout its history Boston has played a total of 22 (finals counting this one) and Golden State 12 (also counting the series of this 2022), so each team has had to play 21 and 11 games 3 finals in their journey within the best basketball league in the world. Having the Celtics a terrible record and the Warriors a favorable record.

Of the 21 Games 3 that the Boston Celtics have played throughout their history, the green team has won 8 games, but lost 13. That is, 38.1% wins in this kind of games for 61.9% losses.

For its part, the Golden State Warriors have played a total of 11 Game 3 Finals, with a record of 7-4, which means that the San Francisco Bay team has a 63.6% win rate for only 36.4% losing.

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The only fact that is favorable to Boston is that of those 21 games played, 5 have been at home, as will be tomorrow’s game, the record in this condition 4-1 for Celtics. For its part, Golden State, as a visitor, has achieved a record of 3-3 in Games 3.

In the only series of finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, the San Francisco team won duel 3 and it was also their only victory in those finals.