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NBA: Is the design of Durant’s new shoe inspired by his hair?

Lace sports shoesThe big brands raffle off the stars and young promises to wear their shoes, and the design is as important or more as the materials used in its manufacture, since a great design can often attract many to buy that sneaker. However, the opposite can force people to move away from the shoe and the brand. Nobody wants to wear a sneaker with an ugly design.

That is happening with the latest model of sneakers that is wearing. Reddit user u / ellenkpao was very critical of the design of the new crack shoe from Los Nets sharing a photo of this in which he wondered if it was supposed to be inspired by Kevin Durant’s hair. The design featured some black material patches over the top of the shoe, and it seems the fan was referring to the various photos of Durant on the Internet with uneven hair and a beginning of alopecia.

Recurring taunts with Nets crack alopecia

This is not the first time tease Kevin Durant’s hair. Evan fournierin particular, he was ironic about Durant’s hair a while ago when I was looking for a hairdresser and asked for help to find it. His hair has also been compared to LeBron James’s., who has also been scorched by NBA fans for his manifest loss of hair.

The new slippers of Kevin Durant they can have a weird look for that specific color, but the KD14 it also has other colors. There is no doubt that it will probably continue to be seen as a great sneaker, and there will be many buyers who want to acquire the characteristic footwear of one of the stars of the Nets and one of the great stars of the NBA.


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