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NBA: Jalen Suggs, the new NBA flying phenomenon that the NFL could choose

Jalen Suggs He has begun to print his name on the hoops of an NBA that he has been dreaming of since he picked up a ball for the first time at the age of three. The escort was one of the prominent names in the surprising victory of the vs. Chicago Bulls and, above all, he was the protagonist of two of the most spectacular actions of the season with one of the candidates for mate of the year after leaving DeMar DeRozan on the floor.

Jalen Suggs crushes on DeMar DeRozan

A brutal action that confirms the conditions of a player called, sos, to stardom. And she was from the cradle. However, the Magic player comes from one of the most influential families in the world of sports in the state of Minnesota in the last 50 years.

His father was a star in high school and his cousin Rickey He stayed on the verge of taking the trophy ‘Mr. Basketball’ (award to the best player of the year in the state) during the 1980s. But no one like his second cousin Terrell, best defensive player in the NFL in 2011 and double champion of the Super Bowl.

Scholarships in football and basketball

With that legacy it was difficult for Jalen not to stand out in any sports discipline. Today’s shooting guard for the Magic began competing in school tournaments at the age of seven and soon caught the attention of every scout in the state. Those were happy days in which the boy did not have to choose and could equally enjoy basketball and American football, his two great passions. But not the only ones, well he also tried his luck in hockey and soccer, where he also excelled although for him they were nothing more than an amusement.

His real goal was in the NBA and the NFL. Two competitions that he dreamed of since his father put him in front of the television when he was two years old. Suggs soon became a star in state by leading his institute on both the court (2,945 points in his four seasons at Minnehaha Academy) and on the football field as a quarterback (over 2,000 yards in his final season and 25 touchdowns) that led him to be elected Mr Basketball and Mr Football in the same season, being the first player in Minnesota who got that double recognition.

He had everything to succeed in either of the two disciplines and that made many universities knock on his door. However, Suggs was clear. I appreciate the interest of Ohio State, Iowa and Nebraskawho offered him a full scholarship as a football player to join the Gonzaga Bulldogs, where he stayed for one season before landing in the NBA as one of the great candidates for Rookie of the Year.


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