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Meridian Drafting Kyrie Irving appears to have patched up his disagreements with the Brooklyn Nets. According to international media,


appears to have patched up his disagreements with the . According to international media, the pilot would not have agreed with Kevin Durant’s attacks on the departure of Sean Marks and Steven Nash.

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Close sources assure that Kyrie would not agree with the forward’s decision and would never have expressed any kind of annoyance with the New York franchise board, which would mean an almost certain departure from Durant and a longer stay from Kyrie. .

Let us remember that previously when Durant’s intention was known, about the coaches or his departure, it had been mentioned that Irving would be in favor of KD, both would have expressed their dissatisfaction with the coaching duo and would be demanding the departure of both for the next season.

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Now everything has turned around, and it is that Irving remains prepared to work and reach the best level next year, whether Kevin Durant is there or not, which now supposes a rupture in the relationship of both players, who possibly will not be very far to part their ways.