NBA: Lakers outlive Heat by or despite Russell Westbrook

ANDof course Russell westbrook is one of those players who constantly have the magnifying glass on any action they do on the court, which are scrut

ANDof course Russell westbrook is one of those players who constantly have the magnifying glass on any action they do on the court, which are scrutinized almost every play. Before the Heat He was once again charged with prominence, for good and for bad.

The point guard signed against Miami the triple-double 187 of his career with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists, but he was on the verge of achieving a quadruple-double of infamy with eight losses, two of them in overtime that were close to costing their team the victory.

However, to get to overtime in which the Lakers won, Westbrook scored a crucial basket 27 seconds to go, 112-100, which PJ Tucker followed shortly after. Until then, Russ’ points and direction of play had allowed the Lakers to balance out a long-out game.

You can say that the Lakers beat the Heat by (first) and weighing (after) of a Westbrook under constant scrutiny. But something similar happened to Tyler herro, ‘hero’ of the Heat with a great game of 27 points, but villain in the end when missing two triples, the last to four seconds to go.

Against the Heat, Westbrook offered arguments For those who defend him and see in him a player capable of more than collecting statistics night after night, but also for those who maintain that the Lakers project, with the controls, is as fragile as a house of cards.

NBA matchday results

  • Cavs 94-97 Wizards
  • Magic 90-123 Nets
  • Celtics 104-88 Raptors
  • Rockets 104-Pistons 112
  • Knicks 100-Bucks 112
  • Bulls 117-107Mavs
  • Grizzlies 108-118 Hornets
  • Pelicans 100-108 Thunder
  • Spurs 136-117 Kings
  • Nuggets 101-98 Pacers
  • Suns 119-109 Trail Blazers
  • Warriors 123-110 Wolves
  • Lakers 120-117 Heat (after overtime)

Not every night you are close to reaching 50 points in the NBA. Anthony Edwards It is the first time, his best night since he arrived in the League. They remain 48 against the Warriors and just the performance of a former Wolves, Andrew Wiggins, 35 points, kept him from crowning his recital with a victory in San Francisco, 123-110.

That was the great scoring duel of the night. While ‘Ant-Man’ number 1 of the 2020 Draft, shelled his best professional performance, Wiggins signed a prodigy more typical of Curry, which ended by the way with 25 points. Wiggins made his first 10 shots and already had 22 points at halftime for a Warriors who lead the West at 10-1.

After a mediocre start at 1-3 that heralded a season of horror for the runners-up, the Phoenix suns They have done nothing but win. With their victory against the Trail Blazers, 119-109, the Arizona team points their sixth consecutive win on an unstoppable upward trajectory that already places them third in their conference.

And against Portland, the Suns won hand in hand with Frank Kaminski, 31 points (personal top) and 7 rebounds and Chris paul, 21 and 7 assists. By now, Phoenix is ​​one of the fittest teams clearing up many doubts that arose after the Finals loss to the Bucks.

And as the Suns resume their course, the Pelicans they continue adrift. They look a very poor 1-11, after losing to the Thunder, 100-108, and the feeling of misrule is absolute. Versus Oklahoma they suffered their eighth loss in a row in a match in which up to five techniques were singled out in the second quarter.

It’s not about the losing streak, or a specific room“Coach Willie Green said.” It’s our way of going about this game. There were times when We played with people who did not compete with enthusiasm and that is something that is not negotiable, I cannot have players who do not give 110% on the court “.

By the way, Green left Willy Hernangmez no minutes.

On a night with many plays to highlight, these two enjoyed in Chicago and Washington are worth it.

The one of the Bulls sums up quite well the basketball they are developing, the energy and speed with which they play and, therefore, the illusion to do something great that has been installed in the ‘city of the wind’. Caruso, Lonzo and LaVine, are its protagonists.

The other is this entry to the basket of Cedi Osman of the Cavs, a display of individual technique and maximum success to give the ball just the right effect to achieve the basket. All this executed in the air between two defenders and with another rival trying to sink you. Personally I consider it one of the most difficult baskets to achieve so far this season.