NBA launches new line of trophies with Tiffany & Co.

Gentleman Mexico The NBA revealed a collection of six trophies for the league's postseason, this is due to the 75th a

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The NBA revealed a collection of six trophies for the league’s postseason, this is due to the 75th anniversary. This includes the evolution of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, awarded annually to the winner of the championship. Created and designed in collaboration with artist Victor Solomon and Tiffany & Co., the trophies are named for NBA legends who have helped create and shape the league. In addition, they represent the standards of excellence of the Playoffs.

For 45 years, the NBA has maintained a close relationship with the American jewelry house. His first approach was in 1977, when Tiffany first manufactured the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Since then, Tiffany artisans have brought to life 65 trophies annually. The trophies manufactured by the jewelry that stand out are: Larry O’Brien, Bill Russel, NBA Conference Champion Trophies and NBA Conference Finals MVP Trophies. Victor Solomon worked in conjunction with Tiffany & Co. to evolve the NBA postseason trophies. Together, they innovate the way league champions are recognized for the next 75 years.

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NBA Finals Trophies

The Larry O’Brien Trophy, also known as the League Champion’s Trophy, is named in honor of Larry O’Brien. O’Brien was the third commissioner of the NBA, since 1984. The trophy stands 25.5 inches tall and weighs approximately 30 pounds. Among the modifications that Tiffany and Solomon added is a forward repositioning of the net and the ball. This symbolizes the future of the league. Also, the enamel coverage is 24K gold and the base is divided into two disks. In the first, the first 75 champions are listed and in the second, starting in 2022, the name of the new winner will be recorded.

The Bill Russell Trophy is the laurel to the MVP of the NBA Finals. This was named after the legend who won a record 11 NBA championships in 13 seasons. The trophy stands 17.5 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds. It’s covered entirely in gold to match O’Brien’s. Additionally, it features masking similar to Larry O’Brien’s, revealing the net and ball channels.

NBA Conference Champions Trophies

The NBA names the Conference Champion Trophies after two legends. Bob Cousy, also known as Mr. Basketball, who was a six-time champion, a 13-time NBA All-Star selection, and the first president of the NBPA. Likewise, Oscar Robertson, known as The Big O, was the first to average a triple-double for a full season. In addition, he was selected for the All-Star 12 times and was considered one of the best players in history.

The new trophies are similar to the original ones, created by Tiffany in 2001. They feature a silver ball divided into 4 sections to represent key obstacles on the road to the NBA Finals. Also, at the bottom the 15 teams of each conference are listed, along with the logo of the finals. On the other hand, the Western Trophy is lifted by two rings and weighs 31 pounds, while the Eastern Trophy is lifted by three poles and weighs 28 pounds.

NBA Conference Finals MVP Trophies

Tiffany and Solomon were inspired by two figures in the modern NBA for the design of these trophies, Larry Bird and Earivn “Magic” Johnson. Both helped define modern basketball with their individual brilliance and success on their respective teams in the 1980s. They were also selected All-Star champions and multiple award winners. The league decided to honor them with these trophies awarded annually at the Eastern and Western Conference MVP Finals.

The Johnson and Bird Trophies elevate a sterling silver ball, similar to the conference champion trophies. They also feature a 24-karat gold vermeil net on the support structure, similar to the NBA Finals MVP trophy. In addition, they have a height measurement of 14 inches tall and boast a weight of approximately 5 pounds.

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