NBA: Luka Doncic and the awakened dragon: What an exhibition!

ANDBetween injuries, being overweight, that image he projects that everyone doesn't like, and not being included in the Western starting lineup for

ANDBetween injuries, being overweight, that image he projects that everyone doesn’t like, and not being included in the Western starting lineup for the All Star, it wasn’t an easy season for him. Luka Doncić. Suddenly he was out of the MVP race and had been pushed out of the fan favorites by the explosive irruption of Ja Morant.


But the dragon has awakened And it has started to wreak havoc. The Slovenian, against the Sixers, has once again been the player who dominates everything, like Jordan did, who is in control of everything and who executes his actions knowing perfectly the consequences of each one of them.

The Mavs were going to lose to Philadelphia. They fell for 15 and were inferior … until he wanted Luke, who started playing to turn the game around with a triple-double that was already a reality before the end of the third quarter.

Luka ended up with 33 points, 15 assists and 12 rebounds for his TD number 44 with which he leaves the company of Fat Lever and is already the tenth solo player in the history of the NBA. It is 15 from Larry Bird, but in his fourth year and is the player with the most TD of 30 or more points (20) since the 2018-19 season and the second in history, after Oscar Robertson (22) who reaches the eight games with at least 30 points, 10 rebounds and 15 assists, for the seven of Magic and Westbrook.

Doncic has woken up just when he was not included in the All Star quintet. In response to those who did not vote for him, the Slovenian has since then 34.7 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists on average with extraterrestrial shooting percentages: 53.9% in field goals and 41.9% in triples.

When it comes to talking about the race for the MVP, in which for many Stephen Curry is the favourite, we must remember that, despite everything, Luka is averaging more points this season (26 vs 25.9), more rebounds (8.8 vs 5.4) and more assists (8.9 vs 6.3). ) than the Warriors player, while keeping his team, inferior to San Francisco, with a good balance of 30-23 and in the fight in the West.

Doncic gave a recital against the Sixers of baskets of all kinds, including a monumental mate, almost impossible assists, leadership and character, and all that against two of the best defenders in the League as Thybulle and Green. At this point, the dragon Doncic has already awakened and the NBA must prepare for it. He had been asleep for a while but his game against the Sixers shows that he is no more.

Results of the NBA day

  • Hornets 101-102 Cavaliers
  • Pistons 93-102 Celtics
  • Pacers 115-122 Bulls
  • Raptors 125-114 Hawks
  • Spurs 131-106 Rockets
  • Nuggets 105-113 Pelicans
  • Jazz 125-102 Nets
  • Mavericks 107-98 Sixers
  • Trail Blazers 93-96 Thunder

The Nets They are very close to hitting bottom and, if the story is true, they will have to be forgotten, definitively, as candidates for the title this year. They fell to the Jazz, 125-102, in what is now their seventh straight loss. history says that no team has ever been champion in a season in which they have lost seven in a row. Also, the balance since he doesn’t play Kevin Durant it is 2-8, and the Big Three that promises to be one of the best of all time, has barely coincided in 16 games.

Their steep decline has taken them from being leaders in the East to the current sixth place with 29-23 and already on the wire that marks the Play-In positions. And on top of that, rumors spread that james harden he would be delighted to accept a trade to play in Philadelphia alongside Joel Embiid involving Ben Simmons in the deal. Right now everything, absolutely everything, points to disaster in Brooklyn.

Between the spotlights that teams like Phoenix, Golden State or Miami take for doing well, the surprises of the Cavs or Grizzlies and the hardships that aircraft carriers like the Lakers or Nets are going through, there is hardly room to enjoy the brilliance of some Bulls that already they are used to glowing in the dark.

Chicago he leads the East at 33-19 and, once he came out of the covid tunnel, he’s back to the cruising speed with which he amazed in the early part of the season. And if DeMar DeRozan or Zach LaVine doesn’t stand out, a Nikola Vučević that is at the height of Michael Jordan. Because against the Pacers, 115-122, the Montenegrin had 36 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks, becoming the first Bulls player with 35/15/3 since ‘Air’ did it in 1996.

Seriously, in a season that seems very open, without a very clear dominator, the chances of seeing the Bulls fighting for the ring in the NBA finals are very high.

If Doncic’s response to his not being included in the All Star starting quintet has been huge, Jarrett Allen’s response to not being among the East alternates hasn’t been bad either.

The Cavs led his team to a meritorious victory in Charlotte, 101-102, with 29 points, 22 rebounds and 12 of 20 shooting, numbers from another era. So much so that he is the first Cavs player to sign a 25/20 game with at least 60% accuracy since Cliff Robinson did it in 1984.

Without a doubt, the move of the night has to be this mate by that is going around the world (he must have already done it several times). Doncic is not a player who is characterized by his dunks, rather his game flees from that, but on this occasion the play is so impressive from its beginning to its final execution that it deserves to be highlighted. In addition, with her, the Mavs cemented their chances of victory in the game.