NBA: Luka Doncic, we started to have a problem

ANDThe balance accumulated by Dallas mavericks at this start of the season (five wins and three losses) may be misleading. Despite being third in

ANDThe balance accumulated by at this start of the season (five wins and three losses) may be misleading. Despite being third in the West and after accumulating two consecutive victories, the sensations that accompany and the Texan team are still not the most adequate. Their five victories have come against theoretically inferior teams (Spurs, Kings, Rockets and Raptors) while when he has played with teams of a certain level (Heat and Nuggets) have not given the expected performance.

Against Spurs, despite ending up winning the clash and the good game of Jalen brunson, the Texan team once again showed the deficiencies of a template that still depends on the ‘Doncic-system’. The arrival of Jason Kidd on the bench has been nothing new with respect to what Carlisle raised and the team continues to depend excessively on the Slovenian’s talent and his minutes on the court. And that, in the end, ends up taking its toll as it has done in the last three seasons in the playoffs, where the shortcomings of a team with no more weapons than that of a super star who is too lonely is demonstrated.

I do not understand how the shots enter me from the logo and, later, more normal shots do not enter “

Luka doncic

An arsenal that also, for the moment, is loaded with wet gunpowder as the numbers of the former Real Madrid show. Luka started the season with a misaligned focus from long range. Against the Spurs he barely scored three of the 12 triples I tried and stays in a 25% correct from beyond the arch, the lowest average of his NBA career. Numbers that have already become an obsession to try to end the irregular start of the season both on a personal level and with a team that depends too much on its success: “I don’t understand how the shots enter me from the logo and, later, more shots. normal do not fit. I have to work more. ”

The opposite that happens in the Mavericks happens in the Warriors, which despite Klay Thompson’s absence can they afford Stephen Curry have a bad game as it happened against the Hornets. Golden State achieved its sixth victory of the season and has climbed to the top of the West on a night in which its star was humanized, but in which secondary as Jordan Poole or Gary Payton II they assumed the witness of a set that begins to be scary. If the Kerr bunch can afford to win without Thompson and without the best Curry, turn off and let’s go.

The Brooklyn nets they seem to be beginning to soar and find the right game pattern without Kyrie irving. Sure, what with Kevin Durant in your ranks everything is easier. The forward was able to placate the effervescent Hawks with a great game in which he finished with 32 points, seven rebounds and five assists. The forward adds 525 career games scoring at least 25 points, surpassing Dominique Wilkins as the ninth player with the most games above 25 points scored.


  • Cavaliers 107-104 Trail Blazers
  • Pacers 111-98 Knicks
  • Magic 79-92 Celtics
  • 76ers 103-98 Bulls
  • Wizards 100-109 Raptors
  • Nets 117-100 Jawks
  • Grizzlies 108-106 Nuggets
  • Timberwolves 115-126 Clippers
  • Spurs 108-109 Mavericks
  • Warriors 114-92 Hornets
  • Kings 112-99 Pelicans

Kemba walker arrived in New York as the star signing for what must be the confirmation season for the Thibodeau Knicks. However, the point guard has not started the course with the level expected of an all-star player like him. Against the Pacers Kemba was shipwrecked again in an attack in which he barely contributed four points after failing the five triples he tried and nine of the 11 attempted field shots.

Joel Embiid was once again decisive to avoid another goring from the Bulls. The Cameruns pvot forgot about his physical annoyances and went back to teaching a lesson in painting for the Sixers. But in addition to his usual scoring and rebounding production, this time the Philadelphia star dressed as a wall and was essential with a plug to DeMar DeRozan (37 points) with 10 seconds remaining in the clash. A winning hat that helps Doc Rivers pass the Bulls in second place in the East.