NBA Market: Kyrie Irving exercises his player option Brooklyn Nets

NBA Market: Kyrie Irving will exercise his player option of 36.5 million dollars to renew one more season with Brooklyn Nets. The playe

: will exercise his player option of 36.5 million dollars to renew one more season with . The player explained his decision after leaking himself that he wanted to leave the New York franchise with the following message to The Athletic: “Normal people keep the world going, but those who dare to be different guide us towards tomorrow. I have made the decision to participate. See you in the fall.”

Irving created a list of teams that included the Lakers, Clippers, Mavs… that he was interested in leaving if the Nets decided to trade him. The Lakers were the only ones to show interest, but they had nothing interesting in return for the Nets. With this panorama, Irving has decided to exercise his player option and thus return to play with the Nets next season. And it is that Irving, once he signs, will no longer be a player eligible for a sign-and-trade. He can still be traded, but he won’t have any weight in the decision, it would all be up to the Nets. Thus, the franchise and the player will have until June 30, 2023 to extend the contract or not before Irving becomes an unrestricted free agent on that date.

The future

Thus, in just a few hours we have gone from stating that Irving wanted to leave and that the Lakers wanted him to turn the tables: the player has seen that there is no way out and has exercised his player option (no big team had salary space enough to offer you a good contract). We’ll see if the Nets transfer him, although the logic suggests that he and they will have another year to try to win the ring.