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NBA Mexico is celebrating

It may be one of the “younger” bodies within the major US sports leagues, but boy, the NBA has made itself felt globally present to a much greater extent than the NFL, MLB, NHL or MLS in other spheres They encompass more than just a regular game visit to other countries.

The next season starts on October 19, with the return of a normal schedule of 82 games after the pandemic that compacted everything, but the celebrations for the 75 years of life of the best basketball in the world have already begun and particularly in Mexico we can enjoy the NBA Week. This week I am pleased to work once again with the office in our country to also celebrate the growth that sport has had at the national level.

The mission is to pamper the faithful fans of the League, with different interactive activities that make us vibrate with nostalgia for incredible events that have marked history. From that opening game on November 1, 1946, when the Knicks visited the Toronto Huskies in front of just over 7,000 fans, until now that all 30 franchises will once again enjoy their people in different crowded arenas.

There will be a virtual chat with a legend, games with the country’s young talent, clinics and a Summit with different NBA personalities and sponsors to analyze the innovation of the sport.

Personally, it has caught my attention how in recent years the League has placed a special focus on Mexico not only with the aim of generating a greater presence, but also with different projects that seek the true development of this sport that has grown at a level. practice all over the country.

In addition to the fact that we already have the Jr NBA Academy, a program for young people and coaches that also exists in Asia, Europe and Africa, a few months ago they announced the Basketball School in Mexico, an idea that has already been successful in Brazil, China, Greece, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Broadly speaking, outside the US and Canada, it is true that regular League games in the world have only been in Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and France, but with offices on different continents that seek to innovate, educate and seed the leadership of the sport in the future, it cannot be denied that the NBA’s global strategy sets the example, and for this reason the first NBA Mexico Week has an important background.

We hope that until next October 3, the fans, players and media can enjoy this double celebration in such a special context.

Jimena Rodriguez

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