NBA: Miami prepares for battle and warns the Jokic brothers: “Be careful”

ANDl past November 9 the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat they left one of the images of the season. With the Denver team 15 up on the scoreboard

ANDl past November 9 the and the they left one of the images of the season. With the Denver team 15 up on the scoreboard, Markieff Morris commits a senseless foul on Nikola Jokic. An action that ignited the spark inside the Serb who quickly rushed on the Heat player and pushed him from the back, which earned him his immediate expulsion and a wave of reactions that risk a real battle in the next clash between both franchises. A confrontation that is already here.

Jokic suffers one of the cable crossovers of the decade in the NBA: how many games will he drop?

Miami host the first duel between both teams after the famous fight and does so under heavy surveillance. Especially in the stands where Nikola Jokic’s brothers are expected, who were willing to travel to Florida to escort his brother in case there might be problems on the court.

Nemanja and Strahinja created a Twitter account right after the match just to respond to Morris and return the threat: “You should leave things as they are instead of publicly threatening our brother! Your brother was the first to make a foul foul. If you want to take this one step further, be sure that we will be waiting for you “. Also, as the crash ended, They bought tickets for the game that takes place this November 29 as a warning to the Heat.

Nemanja, NBA brother Nikola Jokic, during a Muay Thai match

Now he’s been the captain of the South Beach team, Udonis Haslem, the one who wanted to send a message to Jokic’s brothers to warn them in case they intend to create a problem during their stay in Miami: “We’re going to play basketball. Nothing else. I’ve been hearing for a long time that Jokic’s brothers have bought tickets for the game. I hope they don’t come to cause trouble. This is my city. What have they bought tickets for? To come do what exactly? Be careful and don’t start anything. This is my city. Come on, enjoy the game and then take your asses back home. No one is going to mess with your brother. “