NBA: Michael Jordan’s jersey that can be worth 5 million dollars

Ggenerally any collector's item that has to do with Michael Jordan It often fetches enormous value at auction. Jordan is still the most iconic ath

Ggenerally any collector’s item that has to do with It often fetches enormous value at auction. Jordan is still the most iconic athlete on the planet and getting hold of an object that belonged to ‘Air’ has become the goal of many investors. But what is about to happen is beyond the known.

And it is that as of September 6, nothing less than the shirt with which Michael Jordan played the first game of the 1997-98 Finals and it is estimated that his final value could be somewhere between the 4 and 5 million dollarsaccording to Sotheby’s itself, which would be an absolute record for Jordan objects brought up for auction.

Jordan’s fans around the world remain legion, both those who saw him play and those who didn’t, but they know his greatness just the same. And among them, the favorite stage belongs to that last season in the Bulls, that of his ‘Last Dance’ though he later came back to play for the Wizards several seasons later.

Everything surrounding the Finals that year, the second ‘threepeat’ of the Bulls, the famous, ‘Last Shot’ against the Jazz in the sixth game… and of course the first game in which Jordan he scored 33 points despite the defeat of the Bulls (88-85) in overtime at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City.

The shirt that goes up for auction this September 6 celebrates the 25th anniversary of that final and is the second worn by Jordan in a Final that is auctioned. And it will be the one that reaches the most value in history.