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NBA PlayOffs 2022: The MVP is not Curry

From Jordan Poole we expected, a little, what happens with some entertainment stars, music groups or athletes. His good series in the first round of the Playoffs will give him a good status in the NBA. In his debut in the Conference semifinals, he makes those beliefs forget. He is a player who thinks he is a star, he plays like a star… So probably he is a star.

He landed in the second round as he left the first. With personality and a variety in fundamental attack so that the Warriors ‘steal’ Memphis home court factor. Something that should happen according to all the forecasts, everything is said. It also happened in the great series between Bucks and Celtics, with the champion counting on a stellar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The ‘Splash Brothers’ are no longer just two

The great danger of the Golden State Warriors was the duo formed by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Constant threat from the perimeter, detailed knowledge of the post-season… What we do not know is that the rivals of the team of the Baha will also have to fight a ‘third danger’: Jordan Poole.

The Warriors’ ‘3’ has played six Playoff games in MVP mode. Before Memphis he had to unclog Kerr’s team with several decisive triples and a bravery before spectacular basket. His hand does not shake, he does not shrink against better teams. And he already has an average of 22.7 points with 6 assists.

More like Ja Morant

what yes That Ja Morant dances when celebrating the points. what yes Which then they lose. But what a way to lose. The match of Ja Morant against the Warriors shows the greatness of the Grizzlies point guard. 34 points and 10 assists, with plays reminiscent of the best Derrick Rose. Fundamental in a Memphis Grizzlies that competed in a spectacular way, and that were only reduced when Golden State took out its arsenal from the outside and the final defense dwarfed them.

They will face a key game in ‘Game 2’. Going 1-1 in San Francisco is important, because otherwise 4-0 may be the easiest score overall. The Warriors in front of their public are practically insurmountable and even more so with the extra ‘vitamin’ of going 0-2. They need a miracle.

With a 13 of 41 you can’t beat anyone

The great second-round series between Boston and Milwaukee proved that no one is too strong and no one is too much of a favorite. And that what against the Nets gave a ‘sweep’ of scandal you have to reissue it against the champion. Between Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart they signed a 13 of 41 shooting. A ridiculous statistic to win a game and that, logically, cut short Boston’s aspirations at home.

The Celtics defended at a high level, but they collided with that barrier on offense and with a much more convincing Bucks than in their debut against the Bulls. Or more demanding or serious, because against Chicago it seems that their mere presence on the floor was enough for them.

And if the favorite is Milwaukee?

As with the Golden State Warriors in the West, the Milwaukee Bucks’ huge game at the Garden should be appreciated. From being able to totally neutralize Boston’s attack in the first half to having a decisive Giannis Antetokounmpo in the second. A presentation in society of his candidacy to reissue the title.

The first round left Golden State and Boston as clear candidates, but Milwaukee deserves no less. They did not suffer against the Bulls and against B.oston confirmed that they defend a little better than the Brooklyn Nets defended.

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