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NBA: Ricky Rubio: “We need players like Marc Gasol”


Without Pau or Marc Gasol in the US League, the oldest BAs are Serge Ibaka (13 seasons) and Ricky Rubio, who serve as a reference for new additions to the NBA from Spain. “In the end this is a family and we help each other. The good thing is that young players are coming and that they can rely on the experience of others,” says Ricky.

From Washington, the Cavaliers point guard has been attentive to Marc Gasol’s debut with Bsquet Girona in the LEB Oro. In fact, in the American capital they are also familiar with the idea of ​​having a high-profile player who combines dispatches with the park. Michael Jordan, who was the Wizards ‘minority owner’ and director of ‘basketball operations’, dressed in shorts for two seasons (2001-2003) to reinforce the team. “I admire everything Marc has done and what he is doing. He is a player with a lot of heart. He is a different player from the others; in that sense he is a bit out of the ordinary. And we need them players like that”, asserts Ricky about his teammate in the senior team.


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