NBA rumors: Andrew Wiggins could leave Warriors in the summer

There is no money for everyone and Golden State Warriors you will have to make decisions. While it is true that Andrew Wiggins is havin

There is no money for everyone and you will have to make decisions. While it is true that is having a good season and is emerging as a notable talent in the league, They indicate that Steve Kerr does not finish perceiving him as the natural substitute for a Klay Thompson who can rejoin the elite and for whom the presence of this 27-year-old shooting guard in the team would be an obstacle.

Keep in mind that in 2023 both Klay and Draymond Green will be free agents, to which is added the fact that they have to offer high contracts to young promises like Kuminga, Moody and Wiseman if they want to retain them, so the most sensible option at an economic level it seems to put Wiggins on the market, as indicated by nbaanalysis. What are the teams that may be most interested in your signing?

New Orleans Pelicans

The possibility that he will leave the Zion team is real, but it cannot be ruled out that, if the corpulent power forward finally decides to stay, they will consider the option of dispensing with Ingram, due to the misunderstanding between the two. In such a case, the latter would be a highly desirable asset for a trade for Wiggins. Brandon would be in a position to share the limelight with the best and become the long-term star of the team.

Toronto Raptors

The option that the Canadians get rid of Pascal Siakam seems very feasible, something that, together with the incessant search for a center on their part, would make the young Wiseman enter the Wiggins operation. Both players would unlock the situation of the Cameroonian, who could play a great role in Warriors, increasing the team’s competitiveness and establishing himself as Kuminga’s mentor.

Washington Wizards

There is still no official agreement for the renewal of Bradley Beal and while this is not certified, there are real options that the great shooting guard can leave the team. The possibility would be a sign & trade to join the Warriors, having previously parted ways with Wiggins.