NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis May Leave Lakers, 3 Teams

They seemed doomed to understand each other in a long-term idyll, but now they are headed for separation. Anthony Davis hasn't finished

They seemed doomed to understand each other in a long-term idyll, but now they are headed for separation. hasn’t finished finding his place in and its dismal performance this season, together with what happened last year, make the Los Angeles franchise consider, according to , that he is not the player appointed to lead the sports project that must undertake the last stage of Lebron James and his generational change. The King is forced to superhuman efforts to keep the purple and gold in playoff spots, but it seems unlikely that they aspire to something important this season. With this scenario and seeing how the permanence of the Ceja can mortgage the future of the Lakers, the team’s management is considering transferring him, according to nbaanalysis.net.

And it is that the money invested in Davis’s salary is enormous and was put on the table with the confidence that this player would offer guarantees in the fight for the ring for several seasons, together with Lebron and even, immediately after he left. out of. The reality is far from that forecast and seeing that the franchise may be tied hand and foot in the immediate future, as far as signings are concerned, causes Pelinka and his henchmen to discreetly probe the market in search of an eventual exit of the pivot The impossibility of placing Horton-Tucker in exchange for notable assets to raise the level of the team, as well as the lack of general interest in Westbrook, make this option gain more and more strength.

The 3 franchises with the possibility of signing Anthony Davis

One of them is Charlotte Hornets, engaged in a permanent search for a center. They have the first rounds of future Drafts to offer and players like Oubre Jr or Rozier could fit well in a refounding of the Lakers’ competitive project. Another not insignificant option would be to Toronto Raptors, with clear needs to reinforce the inside game, something for which they would be willing to change Pascal Siakam for the aforementioned Davis. Too minnesota timberwolves He has shown enormous interest in recruiting La Ceja and playing with a double inside post that would be fearsome, although for this there should be another team involved in a three-way macro transfer.