NBA rumors: Anthony Davis may sign for Utah Jazz

Just because something doesn't work on one site doesn't have to mean it won't work on the other either. With that maxim, they work from

Just because something doesn’t work on one site doesn’t have to mean it won’t work on the other either. With that maxim, they work from the management in search of an absolute script twist to their sports planning. All the They indicate that the departure of Mitchell, Gobert, or even both, is certain, so it will be imperative for those from Salt Lake City to probe the market in search of a great star to revive the project. He has been in the for two very negative years, with whom something important has been broken in his relationship, so from nbaanalysis.net they point to the growing possibility that the talented center ends up in the Jazz, as a magical remedy to all his ills.

Resisting a complete rebuild is a theory that comes up strongly in the Utah team, which would involve getting rid of just one of its stars, and trying to convince the other to stay with a flashy signing. The apparently simplest way is a trading card between La Ceja and Rudy Gobert, which could reinforce the Lakers’ battered defense and open up a lot of space for Lebron and his henchmen in attack. It would be a Solomonic solution between two injured franchises and two very damaged players in their cache and who require a change of scenery to try to be truly dominant in the league again.

Direct change with Gobert or transfer to three bands

Other options are transfers to three bands, with Charlotte Hornets as involved, receiving Westbrook and getting rid of Rozier and Hayward, who would end up in the Lakers. It would be a round operation for the Angelenos since they would get rid of a distorting element for them, at this moment, and they would win Gobert, in addition to the two mentioned players. What seems obvious is that Donovan Mitchell would welcome the arrival of a player with the ability to intimidate on defense, but also good offensive ability, being able to generate his own shots and take on stripes on offense. The potential understanding of him could be of great benefit to the Utah Jazz.