NBA rumors: Anthony Davis, Miami Heat signing options

If there is a competition in which unexpected and incomprehensible things happen NBA rumors they can acquire unusual strength, that is t

If there is a competition in which unexpected and incomprehensible things happen they can acquire unusual strength, that is the best basketball league in the world. has many ballots to get out of Los Angeles Lakers and it is expected that during the summer the management of the Angelenos will explore the market in search of the best possible agreement. There are many franchises interested in a center who has lost some cache the last two years, but he is still perceived as a superstar in the league. has come to the fore as a team interested in signing him, according to fadeawayworld.com, something that will depend on the outcome of the playoffs.

And it is that, in case those from Florida do not get the ring, they could be forced to give a change of direction to their project and look for a more dominant and intimidating center than Bam Adebayo. As happy as they may be with him, the trend of the competition puts a lot of emphasis on players like Davis, who can dominate the paint on both ends of the floor. Also, the complementarity of him with Butler seems very remarkable. The proliferation of perimeter shooters would make some of these players have to leave the team, being Tyler Herro and Gabe Vincent the great candidates to leave. The two could form a package to exchange for Davis in a three-way deal in which Adebayo would go elsewhere, while another option is for Bam to join the Lakers, along with Vincent, in exchange for La Ceja.

Miami Heat would risk a lot with the signing of Anthony Davis

It is clear that signing Davis means taking a significant risk, due to the continuous injuries that the center has suffered and his more than improvable performance in the Lakers the last two years. However, bold moves are what build winning dynasties and Pat Riley is a man always willing to do unexpected things that lead to glory for his team. It will be very interesting to see how the Heat finish the postseason in terms of sports performance and team chemistry, since that could be decisive when deciding this transfer.