NBA Rumors: Bam Adebayo, indispensable in the transfer of Durant

It is time to put the cards face up, to make clear what the priorities are to start negotiating from there. Brooklyn Nets must act after

It is time to put the cards face up, to make clear what the priorities are to start negotiating from there. must act after his big star, , reveals his intention to leave. If they put obstacles to their exit they could find the indiscipline of a player whose cache would go down and get them into serious trouble. It is logical and understandable that they are enormously demanding when asking for important pieces in exchange, showing their indignation at the pyrrhic offers that have reached them so far, coming from Phoenix Suns and as revealed https://www.blogdebasket.com/tag/rumores-nbarumores NBA. However, their desire to negotiate with those from Florida is evident because, as nbaanalysis.net warns, they have already been told that they want in return.

Without the talented center, there is no possible agreement. It has been known that the Heat sounded the field with an offer that included Herro, Robinson, Lowry and some draft picks, but the response has been resounding from the Big Apple. The ball is now on the court of some Miami Heat who will have to think a lot about whether it is worth risking and doing without their reference in the inside game to sign Durant, or if, on the contrary, they give up the signing of this historic player to give continuity to his project. It is true that the transfer would entail the need to adjust the squad to KD, reducing the number of shooters they now have to make up for the lack of outside shooting by Butler and Adebayo, also losing intimidating power in the area.

Brooklyn Nets do not consider transferring Durant to Miami Heat if Adebayo does not arrive

In any case, it will be very difficult for Pat Riley resign himself to not trying until the end to sign a player of the level of Kevin Durant who, in addition, has explicitly communicated his desire to play in Miami Heat. We will have to be very attentive to the decisions they make in the coming days and how everything that happens could be taken Bam Adebayo. In the event that there are formal offers that include the center, he could interpret it as a way to underestimate him and his chemistry with the Heat’s management and bench could be resented.