NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Formula Sign Ben Simmons

The NBA rumors around the future of Ben simmons and is not for less. A man who was rookie of the year and is coming to be the best defe

The around the future of and is not for less. A man who was rookie of the year and is coming to be the best defender of the season should be much better valued than what the market is showing right now. And it is that the devaluation as a player of the Australian point guard after the last playoffs has been enormous, and has been increased, if possible, by the way in which he is managing his departure from Philadelphia 76ers. There is not a franchise that has been postulated clearly and openly to cast the rest by Simmons, but there are several that have hinted their interest and one of them has been the , as indicated by nbanalysis.net.

The Ohioans do not finish seeing Collin Sexton as the man who should guide the project for the future they are building, so they would not see with their bare eyes to do without him and put themselves in the hands of a Ben who would totally change the way of playing. The transfer is complex and it would involve another team, such as Atlanta Hawks, who would get rid of a Cam Reddish that does not finish convincing and occupies a lot of salary mass, in addition to getting a solid replacement for Trae Young, such as Tyrese Maxey. The great beneficiaries in terms of volume of talent would be Sixers who would get rid of a problem with Simmons and, in addition, would incorporate important pieces to their gear. This is the formula:

Cleveland Cavaliers receive: Ben Simmons and second round Draft 2024

Philadelphia 76ers receives: Kevin Love, Collin Sexton, Cam Reddish, First Round Draft 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2026

Atlanta Hawks receives: Tyrese Maxey, second round of Draft 2022 and 2023

In short, a risky option for the Ohioans since they trust everything to the possibility that Simmons will lead them to glory, while the Sixers would put together a really solid quintet by having a point guard that better adapts to the needs of the team. as is Sexton.