NBA rumors: Damian Lillard could sign for Boston Celtics

Many circulate NBA rumors around the future of Damian Lillard, but none as powerful as the one that links you with Boston Celtics, after

Many circulate around the future of , but none as powerful as the one that links you with , after fadeawayworld.com has echoed what can already be interpreted as a firm proposal from Massachusetts to Oregon. The transfer of an NBA superstar is never easy, but the latest statements from the talented point guard of , in which he showed his ambition to be part of a competitive project and implied that he would not achieve it in his current team, they have opened the ban so that a franchise with bad feelings and historical responsibility, such as the Celtics, are willing to risk .

What is the firm proposal?

Damian Lillard would call on the Boston Celtics in exchange for , , first round of NBA Draft 2024 and first round of NBA Draft 2025

Why would the Boston Celtics be interested in this trade?

It is becoming clear that no matter how good a player Brown is and as much as Smart has a winning DNA brewed in the Celtics, both are not the fundamental pieces that can accompany Tatum on the way to the ring. The bad start to the season has generated nerves in the TD Garden and the management is willing to risk to recruit one of the best in the league. A player very different from Tatum and who would assume great responsibility, relegating Schröder to be a substitute point guard with scoring ability. The German is not quite a reliable starter, while Brown occupies Tatum’s spaces and both can slow down the progression of the other. There is an urgency to fight firmly for the ring and this seems to be the best route.

How would the transfer of Lillard to Celtics benefit the Portland Trail Blazers?

There comes a time when what has not worked must be changed, and no matter how much Damian’s influence and harmony with the franchise and the city, both parties believe that the time has come to separate their paths to seek their well-being. . Receiving two players as complete, talented and with a competitive and defensive capacity as great as Brown and Smart, would be the perfect complement for McCollum to take a qualitative leap and reaffirm the competitiveness of the Oregonians, who would also enjoy time to build a winning project and they’d have two draft picks at their disposal for it.