NBA rumors: D’Angelo Russell could sign for Lakers

Life takes many turns and one of the most remarkable may be the one you experience D'Angelo Russell. Who became one of those promising y

Life takes many turns and one of the most remarkable may be the one you experience D’Angelo Russell. Who became one of those promising youngsters of some fresh and attractive Lakers, in which Lonzo, Ingram or Randle were also protagonists, could experience a return to the Los Angeles franchise, according to , after accumulating years of progression, but without fully exploiting it. He has been an All Star, he offered memorable performances, but he has not been able to get rid of that sanbenito of playing something selfish and without any defensive ethics. The accumulation of stars of the present and future in the Timberwolves means that they have put him on the market and one of the teams that have applied to recruit him have been as indicated by nbaanalysis.net.

It is clear that the great objective of Pelinka and his minions in any movement in the market will be to get rid of Rusell Westbrook. It’s not going to be easy for a team to take the bait and want a player who has already revealed all his flaws, but if there is a candidate it could be those from Minneapolis, wanting to get rid of Russell. They would accept two first rounds of the 2026 and 2027 Draft, as well as try their luck with Russell, in exchange for Beasley and D’Angelo. Another possibility would be to involve other teams to work out a three-way trade and one of the main candidates would be the Charlotte Hornets, who would keep Westbrook and a 2027 first round, they would give Rozier and Hayward to the Wolves and the Lakers would stay with D’Angelo and Beverly.

Knicks and Hornets could participate in a three-way trade

It may be somewhat complex from a financial point of view, but it is an option that could meet the sports needs of these teams. Also, the Knicks could be receptive to mediating between these two teams for a massive trade, in which Randle and Rose could end up in Minnesota, while the Angels would get Russell and Vanderbilt. For his part, Westbrook would receive a new golden opportunity, this time in the Big Apple, together with two first rounds of the Draft, in 2026 and 2027.