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NBA rumors: Golden State Warriors may sign James Harden

No, it is not a fantasy or a joke. He is the protagonist of innumerable in the last hours and one of the ones that is sounding strongly is that of his signing for the . It may seem surprising, and even incomprehensible, that a team that is in the upper part of the classification and seems to have all the necessary pieces to fight for the ring, is interested in an already veteran player and far from his best level, but Dream big in San Francisco, as revealed by The possibility of reuniting three superstars of the league does not go unnoticed by a management aware that it would hit the table at the marketing level and be or not be at stake in sports.

What the Warriors achieved when Durant was there is part of the golden history of the NBA and having the opportunity to repeat the scenario with a player like Harden would be anthological. The team has lost some steam in the particular fight with the Suns to take first place in the Western Conference and the possibility that men like Poole or Wiggins lose steam in this final stretch of the season and their performance drops significantly is appreciated with alarm. in playoffs due to his inexperience. In the Bay they know that they cannot qualify for the ring by putting themselves in the hands of Curry and Thompson only, needing a third star.

What would the Warriors offer the Nets to sign Harden?

However modest your season may be, james harden he is a superstar in the league and anyone who loves him will have to dig deep. In this sense, Golden State Warriors he would be willing to mortgage his future to search for the ring in a non-negotiable way this year or, at the most, the following. Therefore, some draft rounds would be part of a transfer in which James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole They would act as currencies of exchange. It would be a very risky move for those of the Bay and desperate for some who see with fear how the dream of their particular Big 3 is being irretrievably diluted.

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