NBA rumors: Golden State Warriors options to sign Myles Turner

It may seem utopian and risky, but it wouldn't be the first time Golden state warriors surprises the world with an ambitious move from m

It may seem utopian and risky, but it wouldn’t be the first time surprises the world with an ambitious move from management that allows the team to make a huge qualitative leap. With the unleashed around a more than likely departure from by There have been many franchises that entered the pools to take over their services, but in recent times the option of those from the Bay has been sounding strongly. With an already strong contender for the ring, bringing in one of the best defenders in the paint in the entire league would be a turning point and terrify all of their competitors. From nbaanalysis.net they shelled the formulas that would make this signing feasible.

Turner is clearly not fitting or adjusting to the necessary coexistence with Sabonis in Indianapolis, but the Pacers are not going to part with him at a bargain price. However, the bad dynamics of the team can somewhat amortize the departure of a very influential player from intimidation and with the ability to open the court and rebound in attack. The Warriors’ accumulation of talent on the perimeter, with the emergence of Poole and the return of Klay Thompson, may lead team management to perceive a player like Andrew Wiggins as expendable. With that and a first round of Draft, they could perfectly convince the Pacers for the arrival of Turner, who could be joined by even another player of great talent and scoring ability from the bench, such as Jeremy lamb.

There are two feasible formulas for Warriors to sign Myles Turner

In another plausible option, Golden state warriors would part with some of its young talents and more reliable bench players, in pursuit of forming a dream quintet that will have them go for the ring in the short term, without losing external power. A) Yes, Moses Moody, James Wiseman and Juan Toscano Anderson would act as bargaining chips, along with a first round of Draft, so that Myles turner will reach the template. It could convince the Indiana Pacers if they decide to refound a rebuilding process, although the first option seems more acceptable to them. In any case, the arrival of the pivot to the Warriors would be a real earthquake in the NBA.