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NBA rumors: Julius Randle may sign for Charlotte Hornets

They have to do something now, whatever. has been looking for a guaranteed inside player for years to complete the project and provide LaMelo Ball of serious options to compete. However, now the urgency is much greater after it has become known that Miles Bridges He is accused of domestic violence, having his sports career in suspense. What seems certain is that as the owner of the franchise, you will have to dig deep if you want the team not to suffer clearly and lose all the exciting progress achieved last season. may be the ideal option for those problems and They point out that they are already preparing a formal offer for him to present to the , according to

Although it is true that the player’s cache has dropped ostensibly after what he did last year, both at a sporting level and because of his behavior on and off the pitch, his talent and potential are beyond doubt. Randle needs to feel important, loved and feeds himself with new challenges. The wear and tear of being coached by Thibodeau has taken its toll on him and the wounds opened last season are not easy to heal. That is why the Knicks are open to the trade. An ideal option for it to occur would be for the Hornets to give Gordon Hayward and a first round of Draft 2023, receiving both Randle and Reddish, which does not seem to finish convincing the sports management of those from the Big Apple.

Reddish would arrive with Randle, in exchange for Hayward and a first round of Draft 2023

It could be a good move for both franchises as Hayward could be a key player in making the Knicks project competitive, offering much-needed experience and scoring flow off the bench that is key to a team like them. Plus, he would play a mentoring role to youngsters like Barrett and Quickley that Thibodeau would greatly appreciate. For their part, the Hornets would solve the two big gaps in their squad, with players who are very different from each other, but who would adapt perfectly to the idiosyncrasies and needs of the team. Charlotte Hornets must influence the possibility of carrying out this agreement.

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