NBA rumors: Kemba Walker, teams with more signing options

Many already give him up for lost, but a player of his talent can always have a place in the league. kemba walker He wants to make a cle

Many already give him up for lost, but a player of his talent can always have a place in the league. He wants to make a clean slate, forget the bad experiences of recent years and specialize in a specific role that allows him to stay in the elite. After what happened in have been unleashed around the more than reliable possibility that he will leave the Big Apple in search of a new opportunity. There are doubts about him regarding his physical condition and defensive capacity, but the unlimited arguments he enjoys in attack make him a player sought after by several franchises. According to nbaanalysis.net, there are three that are very well positioned.

Indiana Pacers

It is a team called to rebuild around Haliburton, a tall point guard and very different from Kemba, but on whom the latter could carry out a very positive mentoring and complementary task for both and the dynamics of the team. Brogdon could be a player of interest for the Knicks, in need of a pure point guard who provides defense and tactical order, allowing his young and daring stars to shine with their own light.

Dallas Mavericks

The more than likely departure of Brunson makes Walker a player clearly wanted by the Texans. They have a similar profile in Burke, but they need more offensive involvement, so they would look to trade one for the other, something that seems commercially feasible. Kemba could give quality minutes off the bench and would become a player with the ability to open the floor and create his own shots after bounce.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Angels’ primary interest is to get rid of Westbrook, and once they do that, they’ll set their sights on other players. One of the most sought after would be Kemba, due to his ability to generate shots and have an impact on attack. He would opt for a ring immediately, which is what he is looking for at the moment, and it would not cost the Lakers’ battered coffers dearly, this being the priority of the Los Angeles franchise.