NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant options to Philadelphia 76ers

A great earthquake shakes the foundations of the best basketball league in the world since Kevin Durant made public its intention to lis

A great earthquake shakes the foundations of the best basketball league in the world since made public its intention to listen to offers to leave . That one of the best players in history pronounces himself so clearly and at the beginning of the period to make movements, can not cause anything other than an incessant wave of about what your destiny will be. Although it is true that several franchises have already sounded, one of the ones that has been in the media fire lately is the , who do not want to give up anything and are willing to mortgage their future in order to complete the famous process in which they have been immersed for years, to give the deserved and desired ring to Joel Embiid. This is how they intend to sign Durant, according to nbaanalysis.net.

Since their new failure in the playoffs, the Sixers management considered the need to recruit another star, even if that meant dispensing with important players in the rotation. Well, the signing of Durant would bring about the end of any long-term future project since Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris and Matisse Thybulle they would leave the team to get to Brooklyn. To them would be added the first rounds of the 2028 and 2029 Drafts. This would mean bringing together a real Big 3, with Durant, Harden and Embiid, an absolutely fearsome team, even though these megalomaniac projects have not worked in recent years.

A new Big 3 would star in the NBA, with Embiid, Harden and Durant

It would be a generous agreement for some Nets who would win interesting pieces, for the present and future, but who would see how their great project has crumbled in less than two years. There is no doubt that a team like the one formed by the Sixers They would be favorites for the ring, but it would be necessary to analyze what the tactical fit of these three players could be. Quite possibly, Harden would be converted to a pure base, favoring his work to find passes and sacrificing the scoring version to the detriment of Kevin, full of arguments for it. They would lose level troops from the bench, but mediatically, it would be an insurmountable movement.