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NBA rumors: Kyrie Irving could end up with the New York Knicks

Absolute failure for both franchises and, therefore, no fear of making drastic decisions. In this is fundamental the many circulating in recent days around the option that abandon the discipline of the Nets to sign for the neighbors

The talented point guard has a Player Option of 36.5 million dollars and, if he accepts it, he could be very interested in signing for a team that assures him a multi-year contract. If the Knicks make their bet, they would give Kyrie the keys to the city and offer him many years earning a high salary and not having to bow down or share the spotlight with another of the best players in the world, such as Durant. It would be very juicy for a man like Irving to know that he is the owner and lord of the team. To carry out this operation, the Knicks would be willing to offer Randle, Burks and Reddish, as well as two first rounds of the Draft, in exchange for the arrival of Kyrie de Mills. With this move, the Nets would give Simmons prominence at point guard and gain bench depth.

New York Knicks could do without young talent to sign Irving

Another possibility is that the Big Apple is rushing in and they are willing to part with some of their best young players in exchange for signing Kyrie Irving. If this were so, those chosen to land in It would be men like Toppin, Quickley, Noel and the experienced Rose, whose veteran role would be essential in his new team. It seems that this option could dazzle Kevin Durant, whose relationship with the point guard is not entirely fluid, something that could precipitate a movement of this magnitude.

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