NBA rumors: Lakers Knicks transfer by Westbrook and Walker

It may sound bizarre, but patience is wearing thin in both franchises. Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks they made very important b

It may sound bizarre, but patience is wearing thin in both franchises. and they made very important bets to sign and But neither player is performing at the expected level and, worse, they don’t seem to have the style of play necessary to adapt to the schemes of Vogel and Thibodeau. The situation is so controversial that according to , could be seriously considering a trade between both players, thinking that one and the other can better adapt to the discipline of the opposing team. At the moment, New Yorkers should give something more as Westbrook is playing with good numbers, while Kemba is on the sidelines. The possibility is doable according to the Bleacher Report.

If something is clear, it is that Tom thibodeau has definitely closed the door to Kemba can reappear, due to his poor defensive predisposition. With this in mind and that he is in the first season of a guaranteed contract of $ 17.9 million, it will be difficult for the Knicks to get rid of Walker, but the Lakers could be an ideal ecosystem for a new opportunity to resurface the talented base. And it is that the Angelenos are defending better, but they need dynamite in attack and someone capable of directing, which the good Russell does not often do. By contrast, the strength and ability to generate their own points from Westbrook, could go very well to those of New York, quite blocked at the moment.

What must the Knicks offer for this trade to be viable?

If both managements understand each other and consider that the movement is beneficial for both parties, the feasibility of the transfer should be studied economically well. At first glance, the New York Knicks should detach, in addition to Kemba walker, of important players like Evan Fournier, Nerlens Noel and a secondary player, who would be Kevin Knox, Miles McBride or Wayne Selden. For its part, Los Angeles Lakers I would see with good eyes to part with a player with whom he is not counting too much, such as DeAndre Jordan or Kent Bazemore. Difficult but not impossible this transfer that would totally alter the league.