NBA rumors: Malcolm Brogdon may sign for Boston Celtics

The sports project in which he is immersed boston celtics It is more than exciting, having revealed Ime Udoka as the ideal guide for a t

The sports project in which he is immersed It is more than exciting, having revealed Ime Udoka as the ideal guide for a team brimming with talent, but with some tactical challenges to make that last qualitative leap that will take them the ring. If there is one thing that this campaign has highlighted, and especially the Finals, it is the need to have a true playmaker who can complement the team’s outside Big 3, without subtracting excessive minutes from Marcus Smart, accompanying him in defensive tasks and providing balls and pace of play to Brown and Tatum, without them having to create as much as they do now. That’s why all the They focus on the alleged interest of those from Massachusetts for , a highly sought-after point guard in the league according to nbaanalysis.net.

An evident proof of the need to have a player of this profile is the positive influence that White has had on the future of the team since he landed. He has had games of good offensive influence, while the defense improved a lot with him, but he lacks enough packaging to handle the ball for a long time and organize the team’s offense. The recurring turnovers that the Celtics have incurred and the poor management of important possessions shows that Brown and Tatum have exceeded in decision-making and time with the ball in their hands. But with a man like Brogdon it would be different.

White and Pritchard would be the losers of Brogdon’s arrival at Celtics

He has already shown during his career that he can adapt perfectly to very competitive ecosystems marked by the presence of dominant players, being their best lieutenant and providing the team with tremendous balance. He comes in greedy for glory after going through tough times and has far more offensive talent than Derrick Whitewho along with Pritchard, would be the two players most affected by his arrival and who could leave boston celtics. There is nothing better than evaluating weaknesses well and responding to them forcefully, as the legendary Massachusetts franchise plans to do with the signing of Malcolm Brogdon.